Saw Palmetto Hair Loss Products – Are They Effective?

Saw Palmetto Hair Loss Products – Are They Effective?

Saw Palmetto hair loss products are becoming the most popular product for people who want to steer away from synthetic medications. Used as a way to stop or reverse balding, Saw Palmetto comes from a berry from a small shrub that grows abundantly in the Atlantic coastal state of Florida and it’s neighbours.

It was used by the Native Americans as a treatment for urinary tract infections, and for treatment of breast related ailments in women. The Indians extracted the active ingredients from the berries of the bush.

In more recent times, these amazing products have been used to treat benign prostate enlargement in Europe and America.Saw Palmetto has been seen as a good herbal alternative to the more conventional treatments.


Amazingly, this product is also a natural inhibitor of the hormone, DHT (dihydrotestosterone), the hormone that is deemed to be responsible for hair loss. There are a number of synthetic, prescription only inhibitors, but many carry side effects such as erectile dysfunction and gynecomastia. Many potential customers are frightened of these side effects, and choose a natural hair restoration product.

There is a hair treatment called Provillus that uses 1000mg of Saw Palmetto in each capsule, and combined with a range of other natural vitamins for hair loss, it has been thoroughly tested in clinical trials, and deemed effective for preventing and reversing baldness. Even the FDA have approved it’s use as a hair loss product. The product is available for both men and women and receives excellent feedback from many customers.

If you are keen to reverse the thinning of your hair, then these natural remedies are well worth looking at. You get the piece of mind that you will not suffer side effects, and the option to take part in a number of special offers, such as receiving two additional packets of the product when you place your first order.

As a baldy myself, I am getting some great results. Why don’t you give it a go too.

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