Saw Palmetto for Hair Loss, Saw Palmetto Benefits

Saw Palmetto for Hair Loss, Saw Palmetto Benefits

Saw palmetto benefits are numerous and diverse, which is why saw palmetto is considered one of the most versatile herbal medicines available. Here we explore just some of them, so you can decide if you should consider taking saw palmetto supplements.

It is a naturally occurring plant that grows in North America. The plant has been harvested for use in men who are experiencing prostate or urinary tract inflammations in men, but has also been noted to reduce the production of DHT in men who are experiencing hair loss.

By far the most common type of baldness (alopecia) in males is called male-pattern baldness or androgenic (androgenetic) alopecia. When this condition develops, the hair is lost in a well-defined “M” pattern (hence the name.) Women also suffer from androgenic alopecia; in females this condition is known as female-pattern baldness.

Saw palmetto baldness treatment is said to work by interrupting hormonal signals and therefore reducing the uptake by the hair follicles of a damaging chemical called dyhydrotestosterone (DHT). There are both topical and oral preparations and these can complement each other by reducing DHT locally on the scalp and throughout the body so promoting healthy hair growth.

Saw palmetto is a natural herb which effectively combats hair loss. The medical term for the herb Saw palmetto is Serenoa repens. A small palm which grows in warm climates such as the Southeastern part of United States produces a red fruit. This herb is very popular in Germany. Saw Palmetto lowers the DHT level in our body by obstructing 5 alpha-reductose, thus reducing the development of DHT, which causes hair loss.

Chances are you have heard of saw palmetto. Hair loss is probably the last thing that you expected saw palmetto to be associated with, but as of late there have been many treatments out there that have been designed to alleviate the symptoms of losing hair and help re grow hair and this is just one of them.

When using saw palmetto for hair loss one option is using it as an external treatment by massaging it into the scalp and hair. You can purchase saw palmetto as an oil extract or as an ointment. One of the reasons saw palmetto has been so successful in the treatment of hair loss, particularly when used externally, is that its components are lipophilic in nature. This means they are well extracted into the oil base typically used, and are easily absorbed by the skin, therefore providing a more productive treatment.

It thus helps revive hair follicles, improve hair strength, body and shine, make scalp less sensitive to stress and irritation. So if you are looking for safe products for hair loss Saw Palmetto is one option you should consider first. Although it is not known to help sudden hair shedding but if taken over a period of time it certainly would help prevent alopecia and atleast prolong a condition where a lot of people may go for surgical option such as transplant for restoration of their crown. Taking it alongside some essential vitamins and minerals would help further.

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