Relieve Your Bacterial Vaginosis Symptoms With Herbal Remedies

Relieve Your Bacterial Vaginosis Symptoms With Herbal Remedies

While bacterial vaginosis (BV) is usually a non-severe infection due to an imbalance in the vaginal microorganism ecosystem, BV symptoms can be very irritable and unbearable. This form of vaginitis tends to reoccur. Many women find it difficult to achieve complete cure with conventional medical therapy or tolerate the side effects of antibiotics; they now resort to herbal remedies to solve their problem.

Herbal home remedies for bacterial vaginosis include using a variety of herbs that have antiseptic, antifungal and immune-strengthening properties. The therapeutic substances of those plants are generally found in the stems, fruits, leaves or roots. With the help of today’s modern technology, the healing compounds of those herbs are extracted and made into pills and tablets that can be conveniently taken as supplements.

Here are several commonly used herbal remedies for bacterial vaginosis.

* Garlic

The antibacterial and antifungal properties found in garlic make it one of the best herbal remedies to treat bacterial infections, including bacterial vaginosis. You can consume deodorized garlic supplement (e.g. take 1 or 2 garlic capsules daily until symptoms vanish). You can also wrap peeled whole garlic in gauze, and insert it into the vagina. Many have found this method effective in stopping fishy vaginal odor in BV within a couple of hours.

* Tea tree oil

Tea tree oil is widely known for its antimicrobial properties. It’s one of the popular natural bacterial vaginosis cures because it’s effective. You can apply tea tree oil on the vagina by using tea tree oil tampons, douches or suppositories. Taking a warm sitz bath added with tea tree oil also helps to provide great relief to BV symptoms. It’s one of the most popular home remedies women used to effectively cure bacterial vaginosis.

* Tracheal

Tracheal is a herbal remedy used traditionally to improve the flow of internal body fluids and get rid of toxins in the body. Prepare a tracheal herbal tea by soaking one teaspoon of dried tracheal herb in 1 cup of hot water. Drink before you sleep at night. Tracheal capsules are also available if you prefer a convenient method or don’t like the taste of brewed tracheal tea.


* The barks and leaves of Witch Hazel shrub are known to have astringent effect to relieve bacterial vaginosis symptoms.

* The root of the Coneflower is known to be an effective natural antibiotic as well as a blood purifier. It aids in strengthening the immune system. It is quite a popular herbal treatment for bacterial vaginosis. You shouldn’t use this if you have known allergy to sunflowers.

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