Relieve Stress Naturally – How It Works

herbs for stress
by Chris Devers

Chronic stress signs are usually seen as low-level depression, fatigue, and even eating disorders.  Those who find themselves chronically stressed usually are suffering these and other symptoms.  Fortunately, there are several natural remedies to help with stress.  These natural cures help to support the body’s system while they are under stress.  Here are a few of those natural remedies, supplements, and herbs to help with reducing stress:

Natural Supplements to Reduce Stress

Vitamin B complex:  One of the first nutrients to be used up by the body when in stress is the B-complex vitamins.  This happens easily, as stress usually causes people to eat more processed foods that are nutritionally incomplete and unhealthy.

Vitamin C:  Another anti-stress nutrient is vitamin C.  The antioxidant in vitamin C helps the body regulates the hormone cortisol.  This hormone when not controlled is released by the body when a person is highly stressed. 

Magnesium:  The body’s stress reaction can be increased by the lack of magnesium in your system.  That needed magnesium is often lacking in the body of those who are in chronic stress. 

Lactium:  The inability to fall asleep and stay asleep is a symptom of chronic stress.  One should begin the habits of avoiding caffeine and getting to bed at the same time every night.  When that does not work however natural supplements could help.  Melatonin is the hormone that helps to regulate sleep.  Lactium is a milk-based protein that reduces stress and allows melatonin to work on your sleep cycles.      

Natural Herbals to Reduce Stress

Chamomile, Valerian and Passionflower:  Many herbs have been known to help a body with chronic stress.  Chamomile, valerian, and passionflower are herbs that promote relaxation in the body.

Ginseng:  Chronic stress can be induced by anxiety and fatigue.  Ginseng has been found to help the body increase its stamina, boost the immune system, sharpen concentration, and promote a better mood and overall sense of well-being.  Red ginseng is known for its rejuvenating powers while American ginseng is more suited to a younger person.

Rhodiola:  This herb from Siberia reduces stress with its anti-aging properties.

Ashwaganda:  From India, this herb relieves stress with its tonic effects.

Written by MikeBurnside
Creator and writer for a lifestyles website.

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