Reason behind children hair loss

Reason behind children hair loss

Summary- If your child is loosing hair you should not take it lightly as there are various reasons behind the occurrence of hair loss continuously. Either it is the case of children hair lossor it is related to men hair lossboth are to be taken care of immediately.

Previously it was considered that hair loss is the problem which is only found among the old and middle aged group person but now it is also occurring with children at a rapid rate. Whether it is matter of Children Hair loss or men hair lossthere are some reasons which spread this problem among all the age group of people. If you want to know the reason due to which children are loosing their hair frequently then you should pay attention to some of them like poor health conditions, wrong medication, improper diet and psychological problems. There are some diseases which causes extensive hair loss to the children such as cancer, tinea and diabetes. If your child is loosing hair then you are required to approach a doctor as soon as possible in order to reduce it.

Incaseyour child is suffering from any kind of disease then it can be responsible for hair loss of your child. Sometimes it is caused by ringworms which generates due to the fungal infection. This activity affects the follicles of hair and makes them fall rapidly. In such a situation parents should seek an advice of experts and let your child away from this problem. Hair loss can also occur if a child is not psychologically fit such as he usually plucks the hair by hand. If a child is suffering through severe mental disorder like trichophagy in which the plucked hair is eaten by a child. Other than this there are certain medicines which are having side effects and cause hair loss to the child.

In most of the cases patient are given the drugs containing lithium and isotretinoin in order to cure acne. When a child is suffering from a dangerous disease like cancer which is treated through chemotherapy then this will definitely cause children hair loss. Eating poor nutritious food is the factor which can cause excessive hair loss to the child. Environmental factors are also responsible for the men hair loss such as if a person is living in a highly polluted area then he can suffer from this problem quite often.

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