Progesterone Cream as a Natural Remedy for Menopause

Progesterone Cream as a Natural Remedy for Menopause

Progesterone is a sex hormone in females which reduces in count as they reach menopause. The hormone protects the lining around the uterus and reduces the risk of endometrial cancer. Many women suffer from hormonal imbalance during menopause and suffer severe symptoms as a result of these changes.

When suffering from menopause symptoms, taking progesterone cream or gels can help you absorb the hormones in a better way rather than taking the oral pills. When the progesterone is taken orally, it passes through your liver and loses the effectiveness in the process. It has also been noticed that if progesterone is applied in the form of gels or creams, the dosage required is five to seven times less as compared to when taken orally. However, it’s important to the gain the maximum benefit out of the cream you should apply it at the right places. It may also work differently depending upon your skin type and texture.

When you buy the cream it is necessary for you to check the medical components present to make sure that it contains not synthetic progesterone but the natural one, known as bioidentical, or non-synthetic. The natural progesterone cream will work exactly the same way as the hormone in produced naturally by the ovaries of menstruating and pregnant women, as well as by the adrenal glands after menopause. As the cream causes hormonal changes in the body, it is possible to have some side effects too like fluid retention, depression and nausea.

Synthetic progesterone, found in prescription medications like Provera, is not recognized by the body in the same way as natural creams are. On the other hand, “bioidentical” means that the the formular is exactly the same as that found in your body. Isn’t that better than using the fake stuff?
The United States Pharmacopeia is the official group that sets the standards and regulations for health care products like progesterone cream. Because of this, it’s important that you find and use cream labeled as “USP.”

The progesterone cream has proven to be a success for many women going through menopause, but nothing can be guaranteed. The whole process revolves around change in body hormones and each body works differently. What worked on your friend might not work on you or something that is considered to be the least effective by her can be the best remedy possible for you. Keep an open mind about new remedies; even manufacturers can’t guarantee their herbal medicines will help everyone.

You might or might not require progesterone cream, as some people do not suffer from severe menopausal symptoms, while others do. And due to our different lifestyles, including eating habits, stress level, medical history and more, we may react differently to any menopause treatment. However, if you fall into the category of menopause sufferer, it’s important that your overall health is good, too, so invest in a daily vitamin and mineral regimen for top health. Consider adding regular exercise, like yoga, to your day, which can help smooth the hormonal functioning of your body.

Menopause is a natural course of life and while we cannot stop the process, there are things that can be done to help ease the pain and discomfort along the way.

Discover how bioidentical progesterone cream can help treat menopause symptoms

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