Pre Menstrual Syndrome 102-Pre Menstrual Syndrome (PMS) – Herbs for Hormone Imbalance

Pre Menstrual Syndrome 102-Pre Menstrual Syndrome (PMS) – Herbs for Hormone Imbalance

As we mentioned in previous article, Premenstrual syndrome effects over 70% to 90% of women before menopause in the US and less for women in Southeast Asia because of their difference in living style and social structure. The occurrence of premenstrual syndrome (PMS) have more than doubled over the past 50 years due to the acceptance of it as a medical condition that is caused by unhealthy diet with high in saturated food. Premenstrual syndrome is defined as faulty function of the ovaries related to the women’s menstrual cycle, it effects a women’s physical and emotional state, and sometimes interferes with daily activities as a result of hormone fluctuation. The syndrome occurs one to two weeks before menstruation and then declines when the period starts. In this article, we will discuss Herbs for hormone imbalance helps to treat PMS.

Most herbs used to treat hormone imbalance for women with premenstrual syndrome either containing phytoestrogen or non-estrogen including the following


1. Chaste berry tree
Chaste berry is consider the queen herb in treating hormone imbalance which causes syndrome of PMS. It is phytoestrogenic which helps to raise levels of estrogen if it is too low and reduce it when it is too high.

2. Black cohosh
Black cohosh is not phytoestrogenic plant, it has a nervine-relaxing properties. By helping to reduce feelings of depression, anxiety, mood swing and other nervous tension, it restores the hormone imbalance in the body for women with PMS.

3. Skullcap
Skullcap also is nervous tonic herb. Besides helps to increases liver function in fat and protein metabolism, it also helps to treat hormone imbalance causing symptoms anxiety, depression and headache.

4. Chinese angelica root
Chinese angelica root is women exclusive herb which has been used to treat all kinds of women reproductive problem, it has a unique property which helps to restore the hormone imbalance for women during menstrual cycle by raising either estrogen and progesterone when it low and reduce them when it is high thereby, reducing symptoms of PMS.

5. Macafem
Macafem is non estrogen herb, it helps to stimulate the production of hormone by nourishing the pituitary and endocrine glands thereby, reducing the risk of hormone imbalance for women with PMS.
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