Neem a well known Ayurvedic Home Remedy

Neem a well known Ayurvedic Home Remedy

Neem a well known Ayurvedic Home Remedy

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Home Page > Health > Medicine > Neem a well known Ayurvedic Home Remedy

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Neem a well known Ayurvedic Home Remedy

By: paulrobinson
Posted: Mar 11, 2011

Medicinal plants and herbs have been part of humanity since the dawn of civilization.  Neem is a well-known medicinal plant used in India from time immemorial.

In India neem is known as margosa or Indian lilac. It is an evergreen tree and cultivated in various parts of the Indian subcontinent. Neem has been extensively used in ayurveda, unani and homoeopathic medicine and has become a cynosure of modern medicine. Neem is called sarvaroganivarani or reliever of sickness. The tree is regarded as ‘village dispensary’ in India.
The importance of the neem tree has been recognized by National Research Council (USA), which published a report in 1992 entitled ‘Neem – a tree for solving global problems’.
Now you are going to read further you will understand all things, you have to invest your 1 hour daily, first you go to morning walk or do not go, no need to go for jogging.

For diabetes always ayurvedic medicine is very useful than others, and if you come to know that you also a diabetic then no need to worry, you have heard this name “Buck-wheat” which is very common name this is use to prepare vegetable at home. buckwheat is normally used as food for cattle. Buck-wheat can get your sugar level normal.

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Stress can also be triggered by alarming experiences, either real or imaginary. A little of this stress can help keep you on your toes, ready to rise to a challenge. Stress has driven evolutionary change (the development and natural selection of species over time). And the nervous system quickly returns to its normal state, standing by to respond again when needed. Sometimes stress is helpful – it can encourage you to meet a deadline or get things done. But long-term stress can increase the risk of diseases like depression, heart disease and a variety of other problems. When the threat or stressor is identified or realised, the body’s stress response is a state of alarm. During this stage adrenaline will be produced in order to bring about the fight or flight response.

There is also some activation of the HPA axis, producing cortisol. Stress also activates the neurally mediated discharge of adrenaline from the adrenal medulla and of hypothalamic hormones that initiate the neuroendocrine cascade, culminating in glucocorticoid release from the adrenal cortex. If the stressor persists, it becomes necessary to attempt some means of coping with the stress. Although the body begins to try to adapt to the strains or demands of the environment, the body cannot keep this up indefinitely, so its resources are gradually depleted. Term of stress in serious and recognized cases, such as those of post-traumatic stress disorder and psychosomatic illness, has scarcely helped clear analysis of the generalized “stress” phenomenon.

Several herbal combinations are available which improve the neuro-muscular tone and strength and thus increase the retention capacity of the urinary bladder. Normally, with these medicines, most children get cured within 3 – 4 months of treatment. A selected few may require one or two additional courses of shorter duration.

It is advisable to have an early dinner, and to stop liquid intake from two hours before going to bed. The child should be encouraged to empty the bladder at frequent intervals before sleeping. The child should also be encouraged to be free from stress and anxiety. Timely treatment should be given for any underlying disease, if found present.

paulrobinson – About the Author:

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