Natural Treatments for Hyperthyroidism

Natural Treatments for Hyperthyroidism

Hyperthyroidism is the condition in which, there is increased amount of the thyroid hormone in the body. This is generally due to over-activity of the thyroid gland in the human body. Thyroid gland is the gland that is situated at front side of the neck somewhere nearer to the voice-box. The gland play important role in the metabolism of the body. Metabolism is the process by which the body converts food particles into the consumable form and release the energy for its routine functions. Hyperthyroidism should be treated as early as possible and fortunately, we have natural treatments for hyperthyroidism that can effectively treat condition without producing any side or harmful effects.

In hyperthyroidism, the metabolism is highly affected and body has faster digestion and assimilation of the food. Whatever the cause, hyperthyroidism causes many problems in the body and it becomes necessary to treat it before it turns into any complications, which in turn, becomes difficult to treat.

Apart from radioactive iodine therapy, surgical removal of the thyroid gland and anti-hyperthyroid drugs, there are some other natural and safe way to treat hyperthyroidism and all those symptoms that are related to the disease. There have been continuous researches performed in order to know about the role of various herbs and natural therapies to treat hyperthyroidism. Research confirms that the traditional wisdom gives favorable results in the condition and hence, they are to be evaluated further (Auf’mkolk M, Ingbar JC, Kubota K, et al. ‘Extracts and auto-oxidized constituents of certain plants inhibit the receptor-binding and the biological activity of graves’ immunoglobulins’. Endocrinology 1985; 116:1687-1693)

Some of the herbs have favorable effect for hyperthyroidism. For instance, Lycopus europea, is useful treating hyperthyroidism. There are some clinical trials and studies suggest that bugleweed can reduce thyroid hormone as it increases the levels of TSH, the hormone that stimulates the thyroid gland and orders it to produce thyroid hormone). The herb also impairs the thyroid hormone synthesis. Another effective treatment includes L-Carnitine. This is an amino acid that blocks the effects of thyroid gland that is over-active. It blocks the entry of excess thyroid hormones into the liver cells’ nucleus, neurons and many other bodily structures that are targeted by excessive thyroid hormones.

Some of the naturopaths suggest trying magnet therapy and reflexology that can be very helpful treating hyperthyroidism. Acupressure and acupuncture also play important role in treating various endocrine disorders including hyperthyroidism. These are typical Chinese system of medicines that describe that our body has various acupoints that are regulators for the body’s negative and positive energies. In diseased condition, negative energy is more than positive and treating such acupoints in a special way can balance those energies and can cure various health ailments including hyperthyroidism.

Some of the health experts suggest taking Vitamin supplements. Vitamins such as B12 and C significantly restore body hormones and enzymes including thyroid excessive hormones. Vitamin B12 depletion is occasionally considered as the factor giving raise to hyperthyroidism and its related symptoms.

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