Natural Menopause Remedy

Natural Menopause Remedy

Also known as the natural option for those who do not want to undergo Hormonal Replacement Therapy or HRT, the herb known as Black Cohosh is making itself one of the best possible options for women entering their transitional years. The problems associated with menopause are quite numerous and quite irritating, to say the least. The uncomfortable hot flashes, mood swings, headaches, bouts with depression and all the other problems associated with menopause have always been treated with therapy that gets women to take in doses of medication that has estrogen to help replace the hormones that are fast disappearing from their systems due to age. While this may be very effective for some, there are women who want a more natural way of boosting their hormone levels to a degree that can help them comfortably cope with the changes they are going through, both physically and emotionally. With the use of Black Cohosh as a natural supplement to help with menopause, women are beginning to find comfort in a more natural way of fighting the problems that menopause brings.

What exactly is Black Cohosh? This herb, which also goes by a few other names like black snakeroot, bugwort, bugbane, rattleweed and rattletop, is known to be found in North America and is part of the plant family of the buttercup. The active ingredients from this plant is taken from the roots and rhizomes. These parts of the plant are then prepared by extracting the juices of the Black Cohosh for use in certain tablets and capsules.

The herb has been used by Native American Indians for a number of medicinal purposes like for the treatment of malaria, malaise, rheumatism and a whole lot of other diseases and ailments. It was used as a herbal remedy during the 19th century for menstrual problems. These medicinal properties of the herb has indeed been widely known in the past and its usage as a treatment for such menopausal problems like hot flashes is just another addition to the long list of ailments that it can treat and help with.

While there are numerous manufacturers that swear to the effectiveness of the herb known as Black Cohosh due to some of the preliminary findings on the herb in relation with menopausal treatments, there is still no substantial evidence or accredited findings that will help prove that it is indeed the solution to a woman’s menopausal woes. A lot of women trust the testimonies of those that have used Black Cohosh to treat the symptoms of menstruation. This kind of a reception from the numerous women who are going through the problems of menopause has also given rise to a lot more companies using the herb known as Black Cohosh in their menopausal treatments and despite there being no substantial proof to back their claims up, women will keep on patronizing these Black Cohosh products rather than undergo HRT.

Patricia McDougall B.Sc., Chartered Herbalist. Originally from Peru, Patricia is the Director of New Product Development for Amazon Botanicals a leading manufacturer of Amazon Herbs.

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