Natural Herbs for Diabetics

Natural Herbs for Diabetics

If you are diabetic, it’s likely your doctor has you taking drugs and insulin to control your blood sugar. While drugs are considered to be the first line of defense against disease, relying exclusively on them often causes more illness than just treating the symptoms.

Unless you are seeing a naturopath, drugs with their serious side effects seldom address the underlying causes of the disease. The medical community believes that it’s necessary to keep blood sugar steady and within the acceptable range and drugs do address this problem. However, controlling blood sugar is less important than treating the cause of high glucose which is due to Insulin Resistance. This should be the central focus of any medical treatment. Simply put, the cells of the body simply don’t “open up” to absorb glucose from the bloodstream even though there is plenty of insulin around to get the job done.

Most of the problems stems from bad lifestyle habits. Most diabetics are overweight, don’t exercise, and live a highly stressed life. Losing weight helps the cells absorb glucose better.

Rather than use drugs to treat the condition, there are natural alternatives in the way of special herbs provided in Mother Nature’s pharmacy that can help diabetics better control blood sugar and without the serious side effects of drugs. So before you consider taking a doctor prescribed medication, try some natural remedies as nature intended.

Gymnema Sylvestre: It grows in the tropical regions of India and was used to treat both type 1 and type 2 diabetes for centuries. Direct application of the herb to the tongue has been shown to curb appetite. As 95% of diabetics are overweight or obese gymnema can help toward weight loss. It also enhances the action of insulin. Recommended dosage is 200 mg twice daily.

Bitter Melon: This herb is not easy to take. It’s a cucumber like plant that grows in Asia, South America and Africa. It’s strength lies in its ability to lower blood sugar. Just 2 ounces of the juice was shown to improve glucose levels in 73% of type 2 diabetics.

Fenugreek seeds: It was extensively used to treat diabetes. About 15 to 50 grams taken twice daily helps lower blood sugar. Not very palatable it’s better used as a condiment or spice like that used by East Indians.

Salt Bush: Native to the Middle East and grows in North Africa and Southern Europe. It was used extensively for the treatment of type 2 diabetes. Just 3 grams daily of salt bush showed improved blood sugar in type 2 diabetics.

Bilberry: Also called European blueberry is was used in France since 1945 to treat retinopathy, the deterioration of the retina in the eye, which is one of the many complications from diabetes. It helps protect the macula of the diabetic eye. Diabetics have improved their vision from taking 80 to 160 mg three times a day.

Ginkgo: One of the oldest living trees that has survived over 200 million years. Over a thousand scientific studies have been done over the last 40 years showing the value of ginkgo biloba in the effective treatment of diabetes. It inhibits the stickiness of cells that helps improve circulation, important since many diabetics suffer from the damaging effects that excess glucose has on the veins and arteries.

Ginseng: One of the oldest herbs known to man. It helps to lower blood pressure. Just 3 grams before a meal helps reduces the after-meal blood sugar spikes that commonly occur in type 2 diabetics.

These are seven of the most widely used herbs that can help treat diabetes. Before you choose to take a prescription drug, try these herbs. They may be all you need to keep your glucose levels stable and save you the complications and aging effects so common to diabetics.

The author has been a diabetic for over 8 years. Like many he experienced the symptoms. He has since tackled the disease by normalizing his blood sugar through natural means. One of the best and most effective products he’s tried is Optimum Diabetics. You can get it here:

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