Natural Healing Herbs – 8 Useful Herbs with Amazing Therapeutic Properties

Natural Healing Herbs – 8 Useful Herbs with Amazing Therapeutic Properties

The healing power of the herbs was not considered to be effective enough by the medical personnel in treating various diseases even few decades back. But the advanced scientific researches duly supported by statistics have come out with amazing results regarding the healing power of the herbs. Herbs cure the root cause of the disease, improves the body immunity system involving lesser cost and almost without any side effects. From the commonly used kitchen-garden herbs to the rare species; every herb is singular in their healing properties.

Few are the names of the commonly available herbs having wondrous therapeutic power.

1. Basil, the commonly available herb generally used for culinary purpose improves appetite and reduces fatigue. This herb from the mint family acts as carminative aiding in digestion. It is also used as an aphrodisiac and treating depression.

2. Cinnamon widely used as spice, is used in treating a number of diseases starting from indigestion to diabetes. Regular intake of cinnamon powder reduces blood sugar level to a great extent. It is also helpful in treating Candida yeast infection.


3. Clove is another common herb used as spice in various dishes. Clove oil is beneficial in treating bacterial and fungal infections, a good pain killer in reducing toothache and treating other gum diseases.

4. Garlic one of the most inexpensive herbs must be used liberally either in dishes or eaten raw. It helps in reducing blood cholesterol and high blood pressure as it helps as blood thinner. It is also used in treating various viral and fungal infections.

5. Neem is the native of India and its oil is rich in Vitamin E and has essential fatty acids. So it is used to treat a various number of skin diseases like eczema, psoriasis, scabies, acne, ordinary scars and athletes foot.

6. Tea tree oil is used in a number of antibacterial treatments. Treating Candida yeast infections, herpes, abscess and boils tea tree oil finds extensive use. Moreover it helps in boosting the immunity system of the body.

7. Cedar wood oil is used for treating skin problems and reducing respiratory complaints. It reduces itching and treats severe skin diseases like psoriasis and eczema.

8. Aloe Vera is rich in vitamins, minerals, enzymes and essential acids. Apart from skin tonic it helps in digestion, treats chronic ulcers and good for kidney, gall bladder.

There are numerous such herbs with their unique healing properties. Those under medication of chronic diseases must be cautious enough while taking the herbal concoctions or supplements as these may interfere with some drugs. In that case it is advisable to consult an expert before starting herbal therapy.

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