Mineeda Vital Releases VitalVMH New Australian Made Mens Health and Womens Health Multivitamin

Mineeda Vital Releases VitalVMH New Australian Made Mens Health and Womens Health Multivitamin

Mineeda Vital (see www.mineeda.com.au) is an innovative Australian company in the vitamins, supplements and natural health industry. The supplements, natural healthcare and wellbeing company has recently released VitalVMH: a one per day multivitamin, multimineral and multiherbal formulation with natural extracts for mens and womens general health and wellbeing. Mineeda Vital will launch a range of premium vitamin, mineral and herbal products for health conscious Australians for online sale over the next 12 months. Mineeda Vital’s supplements, natural healthcare and wellbeing products are only available in Australia and New Zealand online via Mineeda Vital’s website.
Mineeda Vital’s first health and wellbeing product, VitalVMH, is a brand new multivitamin, multimineral and multiherbal product with natural extracts for Australian and New Zealand men and women. It is a one per day softgel multivitamin health product. ”We offer our customers health and wellbeing products with a strong emphasis on natural ingredients, scientific formulations and convenience via online ordering with free delivery anywhere in Australia or New Zealand”, says Doug Crowther, Director of Mineeda Vital, Australia. ”Health conscious Australian and New Zealand men and women want health and wellbeing products with as much vitamin, mineral, supplement and naturally derived herbal active ingredients as possible. We fill VitalVMH softgel capsules with vitamin, mineral and naturally derived herbal ingredients we believe deliver better value for money to Australian and New Zealand online customers concerned about health, wellbeing and natural health products”, says Doug. Natural healthcare company, Mineeda Vital, has thus designed an Australian made multivitamin product, VitalVMH, which contains vitamins, minerals and natural herbal extracts in a one per day formulation for men and women seeking health and wellbeing products with an emphasis on natural ingredients. ”VitalVMH is a multivitamin health supplement with natural extracts for everyday health and wellbeing”, says Doug. ”We provide Australian and New Zealand customers concerned about mens health or womens health and wellbeing with a convenient commitment-free subscription service. Thus, we give wellbeing conscious men and women many options to change their VitalVMH multivitamin subscriptions”, says Doug. ”Mens health and womens health and wellbeing conscious Australians and New Zealanders want multivitamins with antioxidants and natural herbal ingredients in them. VitalVMH is a scientifically formulated product with natural herbal extracts for mens health and womens health”, says Doug. Mineeda Vital’s VitalVMH health and wellbeing multivitamin contains vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and natural health extracts. The product is available in Australia and New Zealand for mens health and womens health. VitalVMH contains natural extracts of pomegranate, bilberry, gotu kola and Japanese knotweed in addition to natural antioxidant-rich green tea extract. ”We placed a lot of emphasis on natural herbals and natural health ingredients when developing VitalVMH for mens and womens health and wellbeing. The idea was to provide a mens health and womens health multivitamin which contained all the major vitamins as well as significant amounts of minerals and other supplements in addition to a natural health herbal tonic”, says Doug. 
“One thing all consumers should be aware of: complementary healthcare and natural health products are intended as additions to a balanced diet and exercise regime. Dietary supplements do not replace a balanced diet. Consumers must always read the label, check all indications, warnings and dosages. Finally, only use the product as directed. Mineeda Vital promotes our products as an addition to good diet and exercise- no complementary healthcare or natural product can replace these for mens health or womens health”, says Doug.

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