Men’s Health – Vitamins for prostate health

Men’s Health – Vitamins for prostate health

Vitamins and minerals for a healthy prostate

One of the ways that can make a man and maintain good prostate health is to ensure that the lack of vitamins and minerals.

Here are the 8 vitamins and minerals have shown a positive effect on the prostate.

The best way to ensure you always have an adequate supply of them is a healthy diet.

1. Beta-carotene – Research has shown that beta-carotene was recordeda strong correlation with reduced prostate cancer than men in Japan.

2. Magnesium. Most people do not maintain adequate levels of magnesium. For this reason, many people would benefit greatly from supplementing their diet with magnesium.

3 Indications of selenium nutrition in the prevention of first cancer (NPC) trial suggests that selenium supplementation reduces the risk of prostate cancer in men with baseline PSA (prostate-specificLevels of antigen), and low levels of selenium in the blood.

4. The increased consumption of vitamin K2 vitamin K2 may reduce the risk of prostate cancer by 35 percent, the results of European Cancer and Nutrition (EPIC).

5. Vitamin B6 Vitamin B6 is out of our processes in the body of any other vitamin or mineral.

6. Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant and that everyone should have a healthy prostate.

7. VitaminAnd in a clinical trial of vitamin E and beta-carotene in the prevention of lung cancer among male smokers in Finland has recently reported an unexpectedly strong protective effect of vitamin E against prostate cancer incidence and mortality.

8 prostatitis, zinc levels of zinc, only a tenth of a normal prostate. (Fair and Heston, 1977, Pfeiffer, 1978) After approving a remedy for prostate eating pumpkin seeds. Not surprisingly, pumpkin seeds are good sources ofZinc

A word or supplement:

A line of research will show you an easy side to supplements for prostate expensive “Miracle Cure”.

I think many of these sites are simply taking advantage of the desperation that a person feels, when doctors have advised him that “you may have prostate cancer”

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