Mens Health Problem ? Male Infertility

Mens Health Problem ? Male Infertility

There are following kinds of male infertility:

Secretory infertility.

Innate form – testicles abnormality.

Acquired form – consequences of infective diseases influence for testicles, of lasting supercooling, nutrition disorder, radiation and x-ray injuries (infectious parotitis, typhus, influenza, syphilis, malaria, tuberculosis, alcoholism, lack of vitamins A and E in food, blood circulation failure in testicles).

Normospermatogenic sterility.

2.1 Innate form – obstruction of spermoducts, determined by abnormalities of development of epididymises (testicle appendages), spermoducts, spermatocysts, by hypospadias, epispadias, etc.

2.2 Acquired form – inflammatory or posttraumatic urethra injuries; bilateral specific or unspecific epididymitis; inflammatory or traumatic injuries of spermoducts after surgeries; chronic prostatitis, vesiculitis, etc.

Associated infertility – secretory failure of sex glands of different genesis combined with obstruction or intoxication occurrences.

Immunologic Infertility.

Other (unclassified) infertility forms – relative, aspermatism, retrograde ejaculation, etc.

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