Mens Hair Loss ? Discover a Natural Cure For Mens Hair Loss That’s Proven To Work

Mens Hair Loss ? Discover a Natural Cure For Mens Hair Loss That’s Proven To Work

Are you frustrated by all the information and products aimed at mens hair loss? As the most common type of loss of hair, male pattern balding, affects over 50 million men in the US alone, it’s no wonder there are so many products. Once you understand what causes it you can find natural solutions that really do work, unlike the majority of products out there.

Mens hair loss is most commonly caused by an excess of the hormone DHT, a by-product of testosterone. This attaches to the hair follicles making the hair thinner and thinner until it eventually falls out.

By blocking the DHT, you can soon see new growth and a return to your full head of hair.

One of the best herb extracts is Saw Palmetto, an extract from slow growing dwarf palms in the US, which is excellent for not only blocking the DHT and promoting new hair but also for maintaining good prostate health.

It has long been used in traditional medicine for curing prostate disease and encouraging new growth and when combined with Nettle Root, Muira Puama and Pumpkin you have a powerful synergistic combination.

It is also important to have a strong nutritional foundation to maintain the hair you have to combat mens hair loss, while boosting circulation to help new growth occur. Vitamin B6, Biotin, magnesium and zinc are the best ones to use to give you a head start and to boost your overall health and immune system.

The recently FDA approved ingredient Minoxidil is also a powerful one to have to apply topically to your scalp and help block the DHT, complimenting the other ingredients.

If you want to see genuine new growth over the next few months while boosting your overall health in the process, then check out the latest mens hair loss products with these exceptional ingredients that are proven to work to help you achieve that.

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Discover the best natural hair loss treatment available today.

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