Men’s Hair Loss – 5 Most Common Hair Problems Faced by Men!

Men’s Hair Loss – 5 Most Common Hair Problems Faced by Men!

Hair loss is one of the most common physiological problems faced by men. These days everybody is losing hair; you, me, everybody! There are various causes of hair loss – illness, stress, hormonal changes, medicines, excessive sebum or dirt. We discuss the most common hair problems and hair loss causes suffered by men.

Hair Loss through Normal Course of Events

Hair loss also occurs naturally on a daily basis. It is estimated, that a normal, healthy person looses around 100 hairs per day. One of the reasons for this is the lifespan of a single hair, which is usually around 4.5 years. Your hair then falls off, which then is replaced by a new strand of hair within a 6 month period.

If you constantly style your hair, using shampoos and hair products, brushing, or blow drying etc, then rest assured, quite a few hair fall out during these processes. Another important reason for normal hair loss is the age of a person. Men tend to lose hair at a faster rate as they grow older.


Hair Loss through Hereditary Reasons

Genetic hair loss is one of the more common hair loss problems. In such a case, it is not the fact that an excessive amount of hair falls out, but it is the insufficient amount of hair growing back that is the problem. Factors like gender, age, and hormones also affect hereditary baldness.

Hair Loss through Stress

An excess of physical or emotional stress, will lead to hair loss. Herein, you might suffer from a problem wherein, your hair stops growing, lying dormant and then growing back again, or also suffer from a condition in which your white blood cells will attack your hair follicles.

Hair Loss through Illness

There are times when you might lose hair, if you are suffering from an illness. This can be of the chronic variety or otherwise. Virtually any illness has the capability of triggering loss. These illnesses could be malnutrition, cancer, thyroid disorders, zinc deficiency, cellulites, etc

Male Pattern Baldness

Increased sensitivity to androgens causes androgenic alopecia or male pattern baldness. This condition is passed from one generation to another. It is another common hair problem affecting men.

If you have thinning hair or are suffering from chronic hair loss, then its best that you get in touch with an expert immediately. You must try and arrest or control your hair fall before you lose a large amount of hair.

To find out the reasons and what causes hair loss, a microscopic hair analysis can identify a wide range of problems as well as make recommendations for hair loss treatment.

Former IBM executive and hair products entreprenuer, Tim Faber has acquired, started or invested in over eight companies since 1987 and has been involved in numerous boards and charities, including the SC Philharmonic.

Tim is president and managing partner of a hair care manufacturing and distribution firm outside Athens, GA near Atlanta.

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