Menopause Pain Relief and Natural Cure of Menopause

Menopause Pain Relief and Natural Cure of Menopause

Menopause is an all-natural physiological process that all the women in this world have to pass through and no one is left there. Though it is a normal biological process, it comes with lots of troubles and annoyance. Woman who is about to attend menopause faces many health ailments and discomfort and hence, herbs for menopause is a right way to get rid of those troublesome signs and symptoms.

Since last a few years, herbs for menopause have become very popular in the treatment of wide range of symptoms linked with menopause one or the other way. The herbs such as black cohosh and dong quai, have been prescribed to treat menopausal symptoms including hot flashes, mood swings and night sweats. Nevertheless, there are a few researches that support the efficacy of those herbs to help managing the symptoms of menopause.

Herbs for menopause have been prescribed believing that they might assist in regulating female hormone levels, especially estrogen levels. Herbs are also thought to reduce the severity of symptoms associated with menopause, including severe body ache, hot flashes and depression.

Mainly, there are two types of herbs used as herbs for menopause: estrogenic herbs (herbs possessing estrogenic properties as their chemical structure resemble to original estrogen) and non-estrogenic herbs (the herbs that do not contain any estrogen or estrogen-like structure). However, both can be used to relieve menopausal symptoms and improve overall wellbeing.

The Benefits of Herbs

The following herbs are said to have a wide range of benefits to alleviate menopausal symptoms:

1.    Black Cohosh: It is an estrogenic herb thought to reduce cramps, pain and hot flashes

2.    Wild Yam: It is another medicinal herb that contains components possessing anti-inflammatory

3.    Properties. It reduces the risk of menopausal arthritis. Wild Yam is often used in progesterone cream and some studies reveal that extracts of this plant can reduce the risk of arthritis

4.    Chaste tree: This herb is known to keep hormones within normal limits. It also helps in relieving depression

5.    Dong quai: Its healing properties help to check estrogen insufficiency

6.    Gingko biloba: It is used to decrease the fatigue and depression and also to improve the memory

7.    Sage: It contains plant estrogens and it is useful in reducing night sweats and abdominal cramps and also hot flashes

Maca root is also found to be very beneficial to woman who is likely to attend menopause, since it promotes production of estrogen and then also helps in balancing estrogen and progesterone. The increase in estrogen helps to lessen the episodes of hot flashes and checks out vaginal dryness.

Maca root, apart from being one of the herbs for menopause, also helps increasing libido and restoring sexual drive that is very likely to happen during menopause. Maca root probably helps in lessening the intensity of memory loss and osteoporosis.
Red clover also shows decrease in menopausal symptoms such as hot flashes and mood swings. In several study in the Netherlands, women who were on red clover supplements reported a 44 per cent decrease in their menopausal discomforts over eight weeks.

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