Menopause Herbal Treatment – 8 Effective Herbs

Menopause Herbal Treatment – 8 Effective Herbs

The symptoms that come with menopause are such that a little relief would go a long way towards making the woman lead as normal a life as possible. As a matter of fact, no one has been known to take a week off from work because they were experiencing menopausal symptoms. What lots of women do is to find suitable ways of making it bearable.

The following herbs are suited for relief during menopause.

Red clover: this herb poses very no danger even in large doses while working so well to take care of hot flashes. Even for women having problems like cancers which could be hormone sensitive, they are still safe. You can be sure that you will not suffer any more headaches or depression once you commence the taking of it. It has been proven to reduce anxiety as well and it reducing dryness of the vagina.
Agnus Castus: chaste berry, for that is its other name helps to balance the hormones in the body. At this time of acute hormonal upheavals, you need it to boost the pituitary gland and correcting this imbalance of hormones.
Milk thistle: other than aiding in the relief of menopausal symptoms, this herb is able to tackle certain liver problems.
Theanine: this herb is good for relieving stress and related symptoms. You stop being nervous anymore.
Dong Quai: this one originates in china and has ability to reduce the effect of hot flashes.
Black Cohosh: of the many symptoms of menopause, black cohosh is known to relieve most. These range from headaches, nervousness and hot flashes as well as the thinning of the vagina which is usually accompanied by dryness of the same region.
Primrose oil: since hot flashes are the most dominant feature among menopausal symptoms, this oil reduces their frequency. This ensures that you are more at peace and in control.
Ginsen: the root part of ginseng is a renowned remedy for insomnia and such other problems as digestive tract disorders. These are common with menopause and it is easy to handle their acuteness with ginseng. It is also warfarin interactive. Warfarin is an anticoagulant.
It is best to understand that menopause is not a disease. Every woman passes through it. a medical look at it can therefore only address the acute nature of its symptoms. What that means is that the above herbs are recommended to tone down the hormonal effects and make the frequency of certain symptoms less disturbing. It is even possible to totally eliminate some of the symptoms like insomnia related problems. Headaches can be reduced and so can nervousness and mood swings. A medical adviser can point at several of them and highlight your specific needs, recommending some and ruling out the others.

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