Libido Enhancing Herbs for More Sexual Desire and Sexual Satisfaction

Libido Enhancing Herbs for More Sexual Desire and Sexual Satisfaction

Libido enhancing herbs for women have been used for centuries in countries such as China and India and are gaining increasing popularity worldwide because they work. You are what you eat and if you feed your body the right nutrients, libido can be rejuvenated…

Let’s look at some of the problems that cause loss of libido and some of the best libido enhancers for women which cure the problems.

Low Testosterone

Thought of by many as a male sex hormone, it’s actually vital for women to get it to and if you don’t get enough, libido and satisfaction decline.

Satavri extract solves the problem and works naturally to increase levels of testosterone and this means there are no side effects (i.e. facial hair, low voice, etc) which can happen when taking testosterone replacement therapy.

Nitric Oxide

This is the key to allowing the sex organs to flood with blood and is vital for female sexuality.
Ashwagandha “Indian Ginseng” energizes and rejuvenates the body and is one of the most powerful tonic herbs you can take. It helps minimize the effects of stress, enhances sexual vitality which includes assisting in nitric oxide secretion.
Sluggish Blood Circulation

Your whole health and wellness relies on strong blood circulation and sex drive is based on it, sluggish blood circulation leads to a whole host of problems.

Schisandra chinensis is a great circulatory herb and is used to treat cardiovascular symptoms associated with the menopaue. Schisandra increases blood flow to the female pelvic region.The Chinese libido enhancing herbs Ginger and Ginkgo Biloba, are both excellent circulatory herbs which will help pump blood and oxygen, to all the extremities of the body.

The ultimate women’s herb – Dong Quai also helps to circulate and nourish the blood as well as raising estrogen levels which is the next problem which causes low libido.

Estrogen Levels

Estrogen levels are one of the critical elements in women’s sexual health and lack of it can cause painful intercourse and lack of libido. We have already mentioned Dong Quai but another herb which can be taken is Methika Extract which contains estrogen-like saponins which reduce cholesterol, LDL and triglycerides.

The Spirit and Mind

Anxiety, stress, fatigue and low energy levels cause havoc with sexual satisfaction and libido and it’s important the mind is well nourished and has correct hormonal balance and stress and anxiety are relived, to allow more body energy to be devoted to sexual desire.

Many of the herbs already mentioned will help with the above such as Dong Quai and Ginkgo Biloba but others which can be taken include – Avena Sativa a great relaxing herb which is known to enhance sensitivity in the vagina and Damiana which is renowned for its libido enhancing qualities which produces a feeling of mild euphoria which relaxes the body and frees the mind, reducing stress and anxiety.

Take them and Heal Women’s Sexual Desire Naturally

All the above Libido enhancing herbs for women can be found in the best natural sex pills and will not only rejuvenate libido but also improve overall wellness so you can leader a fuller happier life – try them and you maybe glad you did.



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