Is there any natural cure for diabetes?

Is there any natural cure for diabetes?

Strong evidence from studies shows antioxidants, which are not only a powerful way to prevent aging, can actually reduce insulin levels. Through emerging science there is evidence that this debilitating disease can finally be addressed.

Perhaps not yet, but there is remarkable evidence coming from numerous university studies that we may be close. Right now, twenty universities and research institutes around the world are studying different ways to measure the impact of natural ayurvedic herbs upon diabetes, skin cancer, asthma, heart disease, arthritis, and numerous other devastating illnesses. Most of which are caused by oxidative stress.

They are discovering that they can act as a powerful anti-oxidants that can attack as many free radicals (which cause aging and disease) as 200 glasses of red wine! Oxidative stress damages the body’s cells and in 2004 the American heart Association and science are now showing the body simply can’t ingest enough antioxidants to counter disease, diabetes, and aging.

If there is a natural way to combat diabetes, and recent evidence that ayurvedic herbs can have a powerful impact upon heart disease, arthritis, and a host of other naturally occurring diseases due to lack of antioxidants, it’s worth considering.


One of the reasons why glucolo has become so popular is the absence of any side effects. It is made from completely natural herbs and in fact it helps in curbing the side effects associated with diabetes like eye problems, kidney failure and heart problems.

So looking at all the aspects of glucolo it does seem to be a very effective medicine for diabetes control but along with the intake of these pills you should also concentrate on improving your overall health by walking 10 to 15 minutes daily, going to the gym to improve your stamina levels and abstain from substances like alcohol and cigarettes which are nothing but sure poison for a diabetes patient.

Apart from that, Amalaki offers its significant role as antibacterial and antiviral substance, pronounced expectorant and cardiovascular nourishment tonic. Bibhitaki corresponds to kapha humor. It helps treating asthma, allergies, coughs and bronchiole complications. Haritaki is linked with vata humor. It is helpful in treating chronic constipation, nervousness and anxiety.

AyurCold is proprietary blend that works on your hormonal balance and increases immune responsiveness. When the immune system is weak, it is susceptible to an array of illnesses, including cough, cold and flu, which is why this Ayurvedic remedy is geared towards improving and strengthening the immune system.

You might want to consider having this Ayurvedic formula readily available before the flu season arrives. You can use before the onset of symptoms, but especially if you are experiencing congestion, sore throat, chest discomfort, fever, tiredness, headaches, aching muscles, joints and cough. The herbs present in this are so effective that people in India have been using them for the last 5000 years. This supplement – being natural, non-toxic and very effective – removes your dependence on western medicines for cold and flu relief.

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