Is The Herb “False Unicorn Root” Good For Infertility? Will It Help Get Your Cycle Back On Track?

Is The Herb “False Unicorn Root” Good For Infertility? Will It Help Get Your Cycle Back On Track?

Herbs have been used for quite a long time to enhance fertility. There are so many of them out there which you can use to increase your chances of getting pregnant but you should always make sure you get as much information as you can on a given herb before trying it out since some of them could be toxic especially if wrongly used.

False Unicorn Root is a great herb which can actually help you with so many things leading to pregnancy. I was on false unicorn root for a couple of months to sort out my ovulation. I used to ovulate day 9 or 10 and now its day 15 always (I stopped taking it two months ago). False unicorn root can be used to normalize the luteal phase in women, assisting with infertility which is associated with failure to ovulate and is a uterine tonic. It is best not to take it while pregnant though.

Though there are so many herbs which can actually help with fertility, it is best to understand how to use them before using them. The fact that these herbs do not have precise dosage also makes it difficult for people to know exactly the quantity they need to take to solve a given problem. It is advisable to also seek a Doctor’s advice if you want to try out herbs for treating infertility. Though most of them might not like the idea, it is worth the try.

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