Is Saw Palmetto For Hair Loss Really Effective?

Is Saw Palmetto For Hair Loss Really Effective?

With baldness becoming such a common problem, more and more people are now turning to natural solutions for it. Of these natural solutions, Saw Palmetto is a prominent one. Let’s find out if taking Saw Palmetto for hair loss is really going to help you or not.

To be able to evaluate the effectiveness of Saw Palmetto for hair loss, we first need to understand the root cause behind this loss of hair.

Apart from hormonal surges in some conditions and treatments for severe illnesses, the major cause of hair loss in both men and women is Androgenic Alopecia.

In this condition, the androgen hormone in the body produces a derivative known as Dihydrotestostrone (DHT). This DHT attaches itself to the hair follicles and prevents them from producing thick, healthy hair.

First, the new hairs begin to become a bit thinner than normal. Then the follicle gets completely shrunk and is not able to produce new hair at all. This lack of supply of new hair to replace the old ones, results in thinning hair and baldness on the scalp.

Now, let’s see what Saw Palmetto can do in this situation.

This herb has traditionally been used by Native Americans as a tonic. It is also very beneficial in case of urinary infections.

But recent research has shown that this herb is very effective at preventing hair loss too. It prevents the 5-alpha-reductase enzyme from converting the testosterone in the blood into DHT.

The blockade of DHT is just what is needed by the follicles to start producing new hair and reverse the baldness effectively. The added advantage is – as this is a natural ingredient; Saw Palmetto doesn’t have any side effects too.

However, just relying on this herb may limit the results you get. If you add other nutrients like Vitamin B complex and minerals such as Zinc and Magnesium to your diet, then the quality and the rate of your hair re-growth will be even better.

You can even consider using the FDA approved ingredient Minoxidil. Similar to the effect of using Saw Palmetto for hair loss, this ingredient also inhibits the DHT in your blood and prevents it from harming the hair follicles in your scalp.

Using Saw Palmetto for hair loss can be a smart move if you want to get a full head of hair back. Just supplement it with other effective ingredients and you will get even faster results.

George Hart is a researcher of hair loss issues affecting both men and women. To learn about a new, highly effective natural hair loss remedy that George recently discovered, visit the web site and see how it stacks up against other common hair loss treatment options.

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