Infertility Natural Remedies – Best Infertility Chinese Herbs to Get Pregnant Fast

Infertility Natural Remedies – Best Infertility Chinese Herbs to Get Pregnant Fast

Fighting with infertility to get pregnant is full of stress and frustration for women. And, the amount of this frustration increases when none of the different kinds of treatment methods work for them. Any woman who is not getting pregnant tries whatever she learns about from different people. But, it is a fact that most of the conventional methods do not work effectively for and when we talk about those that work, we cannot ignore the side effects they carry with them.

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But, have you ever thought of trying the natural methods to cure infertility and conceive?

4 Best Natural Remedies for infertility

#1. Color Therapy – This is a very new therapy practiced by the holistic healers. This therapy heals the body and energy is stabilized through light and color. During the process, the human brain sees color and body heals and gets detoxified.  There are many colors that work effectively for these emotions in people – calm, excite and even anger. The colors with calming properties heal the body and allow it to naturally function. The therapist reads the root ‘Chakra’ for any kinds of abnormalities related to color or density. The ‘Chakra’ is located at the pelvis in the body and it directly relates to fertility. It helps in curing infertility and helps a woman ovulate and get pregnant.

#2. Natural Herbs – There are different herbs that work effectively for pregnancy. They are useful to increase fertility even over 40 year old woman.

Red Clover – This great herb is very useful for curing problems related to reproduction. It also works for women over 40 years age to conceive. Drinking 2-4 cups of the infusion made of the dried blossoms daily will help you greatly. Rubus Idaeus –Rubus Idaeus is also known as Raspberry. This herb cures infertility effectively. It has high amount of anthocyanin pigments that helps fighting inflammation and improves immune function. Dong Quai – If the monthly cycle does not occur regularly, then there is no ovulation and this decreases the changes of pregnancy. This is a very effective herbal medicine to regulate proper menstrual cycles in women, but do not take this after getting pregnant).

Some other useful herbs are – wild yam root, ho shou wu, astragalus root, part vitex berries, and false unicorn root etc. Many of these herbs work well for increasing regularizing ovulation in women.

#3. Exercise – Staying fit and keeping your body in a good shape is very important for a woman if she wants to get pregnant. Work out helps you reduce stress and energize your whole body. Jogging, walking are some common exercises. You may not that in many overweight also creates problems for pregnancy. Practicing Yoga asana is a great idea. Yoga medication techniques boost fertility.

#4. Things to Avoid – You may now know but there are many foods and drinks that you should avoid as they affect your chances to get pregnant. Reports say that irregular ovulation in many cases is caused by refined carbohydrates as they influence the insulin production directly. Caffeine is an element that reduces your fertility. It is present in many sources like coffee, chocolate etc. It affects the blood vessels and cause irregular blood flow to the reproductive organs and thus it leads to infertility. If you cannot totally avoid, then you can at least reduce the cups of coffee you sip daily and cut the amount of chocolates you eat. Also, consuming alcoholic beverages should be avoided as they destroy the essential nutrients in the body. Stay away from smoking, drinking and drugs.

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