Improve Diabetes with Gymnema Sylvestre – The Wonder Herb For Diabetes Treatment

Improve Diabetes with Gymnema Sylvestre – The Wonder Herb For Diabetes Treatment

An important dimension of quality of life is good health. Unfortunately, with increasing urbanization and changing lifestyle patterns of the onset of diabetes is growing at an alarming rate. Fortunately Mother Nature has provided a rich source of medicinal herbs that have the potential to cure all our aliments. One of these miracle plants provided by Mother Nature is Gumar (Gymnema Sylvestre) for diabetes.

Gymnema Sylvestre is considered to absorb the excess sugar in the blood like a blotter. It has been shown that the management and treatment of diabetes type 1 and type 2 diabetic patients. G.sylvestre exhibition action on several fronts to combat diabetes. She sucks the excess sugar in the blood, regenerate beta cells in the pancreas and increases insulin production. Apart from this action to combat diabetes also reduces blood lipids, triglycerides and free fatty acids. This is a double benefit for diabetics because many of them have higher cholesterol levels as well.

Many doctors are not aware of clinical trials Gymnema Sylvestre insulin. Complementary and alternative medicine is still controversial, despite the efficacy of nutritional support and botanical supplements has been proven time and again. It takes years for traditional medicine to accept the therapeutic properties of natural substances and some doctors suggest never even consider alternative or complementary therapy for their patients.

Gymnema Sylvestre has been used in India for the treatment of diabetes of more than 2,000 years …. The action of hypoglycemia (blood sugar-reducing) of the leaves of Gymnema sylvestre was first documented in the 1920′s. This action is attributed to members of a family of substances called fatty gymnemic. Wild Gymnema leaves raise insulin levels, according to a study in healthy volunteers.

Gymnema is a remarkable herb which can be a win for those who really want to reduce their consumption of sweet foods and those with impaired blood sugar. Of course, if the drug you should consult your doctor before taking Gymnema: but if you have “low blood sugar ‘and not on medication, trying Gymnema.

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