I Need Herbs For Acne- The Acne Natural Remedies to Get Rid of My Zits Fast!

I Need Herbs For Acne- The Acne Natural Remedies to Get Rid of My Zits Fast!


If you are suffering from acne then herbs for acne or acne natural remedies is what many people are using to get rid of acne nowadays. From ancient times to the present, people have treated various diseases with the awesome medicinal properties of plants and herbs; acne has not been the exception.


I must say that they do have a long tradition of use, and are definitely worth trying as acne natural remedies. Herbs for acne work on the internal condition of the body, they are not going to replace any of the topical, over the counter acne treatments. But they may provide benefit in an indirect way that these acne products don’t.

Alternative herbs tend to be quite gentle in their effect, so they are best used as a long term treatments for acne.  You won’t see any overnight result with homemade acne treatment, but they will improve the general health of the body. Herbs for acne tend to be given for chronic inflammatory problems, especially relating to the skin, such as acne.

Herbs for acne include poke root, blue flag, burdock, cleavers, red clover, figwort and Echinacea.  Blue flag, yellow dock, Echinacea and burdock are good mixture of herbs for acne. You can mix them together and infused with hot water to make a tea then use it as acne natural remedies. Take one cup of the mixture 3 times daily. And to make it taste good, you can add a little honey to it. These are another acne natural remedies.

One more possible combination is dandelion, burdock, and sarsaparilla (not the cola!). Combine them together when they are dry herbs, and make a tea in the same way. You can use it separately as well.

There are lots of options for topical acne natural remedies. You can apply tea tree oil directly to breakouts, but for those whom their skin is sensitive; you have to dilute the tea tree oil. Fresh cabbage juice can as well be applied directly to acne blemishes, and this may be a better option of healing acne for those with sensitive skin.

An anti inflammatory skin wash can be made from calendula and chamomile. Make a tea as above, then let it cool and keep it in the fridge. Spray or dab this onto the affected areas regularly.

Another combination for acne natural remedies is lavender, elder flowers and yarrow.

Furthermore, colloidal minerals for instance potassium phosphate and magnesium phosphate can help support the skin. Zinc works great to help prevent scarring, as well as fortifying the immune system and help supports the normal functioning of hormones.

One more outstanding remedy for acne is vitamin C. It is encourages the healing of acne lesions, and provides antioxidant support to the immune system.


Herbal Acne Home Cures can be an effective adjunct to whatever other treatments are being used. It is very important to understand that they are not hard and fast cures for acne, but will instead support the body’s capacity to metabolize fats and carbohydrates, and encourage elimination through the lymphatic system.

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