How to Stop Hair Loss Using Herbs and Vitamins For Hair Health

How to Stop Hair Loss Using Herbs and Vitamins For Hair Health

There are several herbs that have been shown to reduce hair loss, and even help you regrow hair naturally. Typically, you will want to use a combination of treatments to prevent hair loss and regrow your hair, especially if you have experienced severe hair loss and want to regrow a large section of your hair.

Saw Palmetto

Saw palmetto is an herb that has been used for decades for medical purposes, and recent science has also shown that the herb inhibits DHT, the main culprit in male pattern baldness. While saw palmetto should not be used by women, especially those who may become pregnant, it is an excellent option for men who want to regrow hair naturally.

As with all herbs and dietary supplements, you should consult your doctor before using saw palmetto to treat your hair loss, since its use can effect some medical conditions and interfere with some medications.


B-vitamins are also important to maintaining your natural hair, and are a good source of vitamins for regrowing hair naturally. You should be able to get plenty of B vitamins in your diet by simply adding a few items, such as oats, brown rice, fish and low fat red meats.

In addition to B vitamins, you will also want to make sure that you are getting enough Biotin in your diet. Biotin is a vital source of food for new hair, and will work wonders for hair loss. The key to stopping hair loss is to begin changing your diet as soon as you notice the loss, and stick with the changes to regrow hair naturally.

Vitamin C and Folic Acid

Vitamin C and folic acid are also very important parts of your diet. You can find vitamin C in oranges, lemons and broccoli while folic acid is found in leafy green vegetables, nuts and chicken, just to name a few. Both vitamin C and folic acid work to boost your immune system, and can help you stay healthy.

Both vitamin C and folic acid are also needed to prevent hair loss and help regrow hair naturally. These vitamins work with your body to produce healthy hair, and prevent deficiencies of iron in your body.

Vitamin A

Vitamin A is also important for healthy hair, and for a healthy scalp. Hair loss from a vitamin A deficiency is typically caused by poor scalp health, which can cause hair loss without any other factors contributing to the hair loss.

You will be able to tell if you have a vitamin A deficiency if you have a dry, scaly scalp or an extremely dry scalp. You can find vitamin A in many different foods, including milk, liver and kelp.

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