Herbs to Cure Erectile Dysfunction Naturally Without Any Side Effects

Herbs to Cure Erectile Dysfunction Naturally Without Any Side Effects

Erectile dysfunction is the inability of a man to maintain an erection for the necessary amount of time required for having normal sexual activity. It is more common on older men, but it can also affect younger ones. It can have devastating effects in what concerns the well-being of a relationship and the man’s level of self-esteem. Erectile dysfunction can have both physical and psychological causes. Stress, relationship problems, anxiety or depression can cause it, as well as medical conditions like heart disease, sclerosis, diabetes, Parkinson or hormonal imbalance. Even though there are various pills on the market available for solving this problem, most men choose to stay away from them because of their side effects.

Since erectile dysfunction is a delicate matter and it can also be embarrassing, there are people who choose to cope with it using herbs for erectile dysfunction. They are usually side-effects free, but because they are not tested by the FDA and they might interact with other medication or between them, it is always recommended to ask for the opinion of a physician or a herbalist. The effects of such herbs include the ability to maintain an erection longer, the increase of the sexual appetite and the improvement of the sperm count.

Here are some herbs for erectile dysfunctions that might be an alternative to artificial pills.

1. Panax Ginseng – Also called Asian Ginseng is a very helpful herb in male sexual dysfunctions. It is efficient in cures of a couple of months.

2. Ashwagandha – It is known also as Indian Ginseng and it is believed to increase energy and stamina, as well as sexual potence. It might have slight side effects like drowsiness and it shouldn’t be associated with medication, especially with sedatives.

3. Saw palmetto – It is a great tonic for the reproductive system and it is used in cases of infertility. In what concerns infertility, it is also efficient in women.

4. Yohimbe – It is believed to have a great effect on erectile dysfunction, but it can only be used under medical supervision because it usually comes with a list of side effects.

5. Ginkgo Biloba – It increases the energy level and it improves the blood flow. It is a common cure in lots of sexual disorders.

6. Tribulus Terresteris – Stimulates the production of testosterone, increases strength and also improves blood circulation. It also increases libido in men and it is helpful in reproductive system disorders in women.

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