Herbs to Avoid during Pregnancy

Herbs to Avoid during Pregnancy

Herbs are utilised for medicinal, culinary and cosmetic purposes. Although, herbs are generally considered to be beneficial for pregnant women, some of them have been advised to be avoided in pregnancy period as they can be dangerous for both mother and the fetus. There are herbs which are used for culinary purposes, yet cause problems. Hence, you should be fully aware about the unsafe and safe herbs.

Herbs that are safe have been further classified on the basis of stages of pregnancy. Some are beneficial only for the first trimester and some only in the later part of the period. Herbs that are named as unsafe should be avoided for the whole 9 months of pregnancy period. Following are the unsafe herbs that should be avoided:
Angelica herb can cause flow of blood and menstruation which may stimulate contractions and result in miscarriage in early period of pregnancy.
Consumption of Aloe Vera should be prevented as it leads to uterine constrictions..

Autumn crocus herb may cause birth imperfections as it interferes in the cell division process.
Oral intake of black cohosh which happens to be a uterine stimulant should be avoided. Blue cohosh should be avoided too.
Comfrey herb may result in liver problems in mother and fetus.

Goldenseal herb can cause contractions and thus miscarriage.
Licorice intake can increase the high blood pressure and also possess some hormonal characteristics which can harm the fetus.
Mugwort herb which is used for the treatment of stomach ache can lead to birth imperfections.
Intake of high dose of nutmeg and its oil can result in miscarriage.

Penny royal leaf and its oil may result in miscarriage or birth imperfections.
Barberry causes bleed and interferes in the development of the fetus.

Uva ursi herb affects blood sugar and also obstructs the flow of blood to uterus.
Saw palmetto affects the hormonal balance and is therefore harmful.

Shepherd’s purse may contract the blood capillaries and act as a uterine stimulant.
Laxative herbs like senna, rhubarb and buckthom cause uterine constrictions.

There are many other herbs that should be kept away from eating and hence you should have apt knowledge about such herbs.

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