Herbs-Good For Menopause?

Herbal supplements are safer with far fewer side effects and just as effective. There are many herbs that might benefit your menopausal symptoms but we will only go over just a few of the most used herbs and how they work. How to choose the supplement with the highest quality is important for you to understand.

Herbs for Menopause

Black Cohosh works by decreasing the luteinizing hormone that is largely responsible for many of your menopausal symptoms. Its effectiveness then is from its ability to reduce the levels of this hormone. If this hormone increases, you will experience the typical symptoms such as hot flashes.

Red Clover extract is not as well known as Black Cohosh. It works because it contains isoflavones (substances similar to estrogen). The effects of red clover extract tend to differ according to the stage of menopause you might be experiencing.

It is believed that the isoflavones act as weak estrogens.

Chasteberry is very popular in Europe because it contains both estrogen and progesterone-like compounds. This makes it popular for treating menopausal symptoms. 
It is possible that this herb helps reduce the luteinizing hormone as does Black Cohosh.

Dong Quai has been around for centuries. It is not known if it is as effective as Black Cohosh. Dong Quai is used in the Native American cultures. It is also thought to have mild estrogenic effects.

Wild yam is supposed to be effective as estrogen replacement therapy. According to some studies that have been done on wild yam, it may help post-menopausal vaginal dryness. Wild yam may also be beneficial in treating premenstrual symptoms.

Choosing a High Quality Supplement

High quality supplements will use standardized herbal extracts. This helps to assure you that you will get the same dose from capsule to capsule and bottle to bottle. The most active ingredients are also found in standardized herbal extracts.

They are manufactured according to pharmaceutical grade standards. The ingredients are put through a lot of testing to determine each one’s metabolic path at the molecular level. 
The interaction of the ingredients is examined making sure that they are compatible and will benefit you.


Herbal supplements are safer, purer, and have nothing artificial in them. The ingredients are tested rigorously and they use only standardized herbal extracts. This helps to guarantee you that you will get quality dosage from capsule to capsule. Before use consult your doctor as some herbs may affect the prescription drugs you might be taking.

John Gibb is a nutrition enthusiast with over ten years of nutrition education and has now become a freelance writer. Currently, he focuses on information articles focused on women’s health and fitness. Read more at http://www.the-menopause-source.com


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