Herbs For Hypothyroidism – Fantastic Healing Power

Herbs For Hypothyroidism – Fantastic Healing Power

This article will discuss the use of herbs for Hypothyroidism treatment and how they can achieve much greater results than conventional treatments. I’ll also explain what Hypothyroidism is and what can cause the condition. Always discuss any forms of treatment you may be considering with your doctor or health care provider beforehand.

The Thyroid gland is located in the neck just below the voice box and its job is to produce hormones which regulate growth and metabolism. Sometimes it can start to slow down and not produce an adequate amount of Thyroid hormones which in turn slows the body down and we get Hypothyroidism or in other words an under active Thyroid.

There can be many causes of Hypothyroidism such as Iodine deficiency, build up of Toxins in the body or it can even be because the body’s own immune system attacks the gland. When diagnosed with Hypothyroidism the doctor will usually prescribe synthetic Thyroxine which is one of the hormones produced by the Thyroid gland. For many this is enough and they will take Thyroxine for the rest of their lives and will have their blood monitored regularly by their doctor and symptoms disappear.

Unfortunately some people don’t have great results from synthetic Thyroxine and their symptoms continue or they might not be able to tolerate synthetic Thyroxine and suffer side effects. Fortunately for these people there are alternatives such as natural Thyroid products or naturopathic treatments which incorporate the use of herbs for Hypothyroidism healing as well as vitamins and the like.

Natural Thyroid products work well for most people and this is thought to be because these products are made from the Thyroid glands of pigs and therefore contain all Thyroid hormones and not just Thyroxine. Naturopathic treatments are also a good alternative unless you have had surgery to remove the Thyroid gland. With Naturopathic medicine the protocol may be to rid the body of all the toxins and then nurture the Thyroid gland back to health with healing herbs and vitamins. In my view this is the best method because the symptoms are not just masked by replacing the thyroid hormone, it is the body that is healed which can return the Thyroid gland to its fully operational state.

For more information on herbs for Hypothyroidism and to discover how to stop Hypothyroidism dead in its tracks, please visit my natural treatments for Hypothyroidism webpage.

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