Herbs for Erectile Dysfunction that You Ought to Know

Herbs for Erectile Dysfunction that You Ought to Know

Erectile dysfunction is also termed as male impotence is that medical condition which is characterized by the inability to develop or maintain an erection of the organ sufficient for the satisfactory sexual performance. An erection generally occurs as a hydraulic effect due to entrance of blood and being retained in sponge like bodies within the male organ. When an erection is difficult to produce then erectile dysfunction is indicated. There are various causes for erectile dysfunction Alteration of the voltage gated potassium channel as in case of arsenic poisoning from drinking water can be stated under circulatory causes. Some of the vital organic causes are diabetes, cardiovascular disease, neurological problems, hormonal imbalance, drug side effects etc.

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is that condition which is characterized by the regular inability to develop or maintain an erection. ED has several signs and symptoms via which the disorder can be analyzed. Obtaining full erections at some times, such as when asleep, tends to suggest the physical structures are working functionally. Obtaining erections which are neither full nor rigid, or are lost more rapidly can be a signal of a failure of the mechanism which keeps blood held in the male organ. ED is a very common disorder. Many of the men suffer from this disorder at some point in their life.

From relative researches it has been studied that ED is the root cause for a failed relationship. But erectile dysfunction can be cured not with the help of surgery but with the help of some herbal remedies which has been proved as one of the best curing method for erectile dysfunction as it do not have any side effect. India is famous for spices. That spices can do miracles to cure the disorder. These spices not only create magic in cooking but also have the power to cure many complex diseases.

The person suffering from ED must chew two cloves of raw garlic daily. This will cure sexual impotency. Onion is another efficient aphrodisiac for erectile dysfunction. Peel and crush an onion and lightly fry in butter. Then take it with a small teaspoon of honey. This mixture should be taken in an empty stomach. Dried mixture of black gram and onion juice also improves sexual performance. Carrots are also very effective in treating impotence. Take 100 grams of carrots finely chopped with some honey. This will help in increasing stamina while sexual performance.

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