Herbs For Diseases – 8 Herbs To Consider

Looking At Herbs For Diseases

With the high cost of medical care, herbs for diseases has increased the interest of many people who are turning to forms of alternative medicine. Many types of ailments can be treated with over the counter herbs for diseases. Here is a look at some of these conditions and products.

Herbs For Diseases of The Endocrine System

Although diabetes should be treated by a doctor, there are some supplements which can be effective for keeping blood sugar down. Herbs for diseases like cinnamon can be effective for lowering blood sugar.

Evening primrose oil might be effective for nerve pain from diabetes. The active ingredient is GLA or gamma linolenic acid. Many people with diabetes have low levels of GLA in the body, and increasing it with this fatty acid could be of benefit.

Bilberry is related to the blueberry and is an antioxidant. Some people take herbs for diseases like this to help protect damage to nerves and eyes. Many people with diabetes are at risk for blindness, and bilberry may help to prevent blood vessel damage to the eyes. Bilberry may also help to reduce blood glucose levels.

Herbs For Diseases Of The Heart

Coenzyme Q10 also known as COQ10, can be a good treatment for people with some forms of congestive heart failure. In fact, it is used as congestive heart failure treatment in some countries. This vitamin like substance, also called ubiquinone, is abundant in muscles of the body. However, people with certain diseases are low on COQ10 and this may be the reason that it helps the heart muscle. Also some medications like cholesterol drugs may reduce the levels of COQ10 in the body.

Hawthorn berry is used as a treatment for heart conditions. In Europe, hawthorn is used as a treatment for early stages of heart disease. It is believed to increase circulation and help with problems like high blood pressure, and angina.

Hawthorn berry may also be a good treatment for congestive heart failure. In this condition, the heart cannot pump enough blood for proper circulation. Hawthorn berry can aid the heart by increasing the circulation.

Herbs for Arthritis

There are two forms of arthritis, one comes from normal wear and tear and the other is brought on by the immune system. In rheumatoid arthritis or RA, the body’s immune system sees the joints as invaders and attacks the joint cartilage. This causes pain, swelling, and eventually damage to the joints.

There are several supplements that may help to reduce the inflammation that is caused by RA. Flax-seed oil can be a good anti inflammatory due to the omega3 fatty acids. However, fish oil may be more effective in helping to reduce swelling.

Some other herbs for diseases that may be good for inflammation are turmeric, ginger and green tea extract. However, one must be careful with all supplements, and it is important to talk to your physician or pharmacist, before taking anything.

Herbs For Diseases In Summary

The rising cost of health care is the reason some people are looking at alternative treatments. If you have diabetes, cinnamon, evening primrose oil, and bilberry, may help. For heart problems, COQ10 may be effective for reducing the pain from congestive heart failure. Hawthorn berry is effective for several heart conditions. For RA, omega3 fatty acids from fish oil may help with swelling. Turmeric and green tea extract may also be good herbs for diseases and the inflammation that they cause.

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