Herbs For Arthritis – Heal Arthritis Pain With Herbs

Herbs For Arthritis – Heal Arthritis Pain With Herbs

Arthritis is a condition which many people suffer from and sometimes they do not even know that they have it. If you are experiencing pain and stiffness in any of your joints then it is essential that you see a doctor as soon as possible. There are a number of different types of arthritis and so it is important to know exactly which type you actually have.

Many herbs have been utilized in the treatment of joint pains for centuries. Some of the very commonly used herbs for arthritis are alfalfa, angelica, black snakeroot, black rockweed, burdock, devil’s claw, feverfew, ginseng, hawthorn, licorice, meadowsweet, oregano, prickly ash, rosemary, stinging nettle, turmeric, water shamrock, wild cucumber bark, wild yam, willow, wintergreen, yarrow, and yucca.

Devil’s Claw native to parts of South Africa, where it is thought to have been used to treat arthritis for centuries, two active ingredients called Harpagoside and Beta sitosterol are found in devils claw which are thought to posses excellent anti-inflammatory properties.

-Nettle Leaves- Stinging nettle is believed to be the natural counterpart of NSAIDs. The anti-inflammatory components of this herb reduce arthritis swelling. The herb also has boron which is a recommended nutrient for those with arthritis. Nettle can be eaten or used for tea.

Cinnamon (Rou Gui) is a very effective Chinese herb for arthritis. The cinnamon bark is good for the flow of blood and it helps for a better spleen and kidney function. Improving the blood flow is important because it removes blockages and deposits that can be the cause of pain and inflammation in some arthritic conditions.

Alfalfa as herbs for arthritis contains an amino acid that can cause symptoms that are similar to systemic lupus. Systemic lupus is an autoimmune disease that can also cause joint pain. There have been some scientific studies that show that these symptoms can occur in both animals and humans as a result of eating alfalfa. There is not a significant amount of the amino acid in alfalfa tea.

Arthritis patients can safely use herbs and herbal preparations. Most of these not only give relief to manifested symptoms of arthritis but also produce effects on the whole body to root out the disease. Herbal preparations generally have a large safety margin and even if taken at a higher dose than what is recommended for therapeutic purposes, they have very few side effects. They can be used by patients and healthy persons in a similar way. In non-diseased individuals, these herbs and herbal preparations can prevent the occurrence of the disease and improve general health.

Alfalfa makes the food residues in the body alkaline, which helps in assimilating them easily into the blood. This is effective in reducing the rheumatoid pains. Tea is made from the seeds of the alfalfa for consumption.

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