Herbal Supplements For Men With Ed

Herbal Supplements For Men With Ed

Herbal supplements for men with erectile dsfunction

Few subjects can trigger giggles like that of erectile dsfunction. However, the issue is not a laughing matter to the millions of men who live with ED every day.

While studies vary in their percentages, most seem to indicate that by the time the average male has reached the age of fifty, there is a good chance he will have experienced a temporary or long term period of erctile dysfunction. Given the degree of importance most cultures place on a man’s ability to be sexually active, this state can be a crushing blow to the male self-image, and lead to problems interacting with family and friends, may impact performance on the job, and lessen one’s enjoyment of any number of activities that take place outside the bedroom.

With the advent of easy and affordable access to the World Wide Web in the last ten years, any one with an email account finds themselves barraged with a seemingly endless choice of herbal and vitamin combinations that promise everything from a gradual return to full functionality to results within twenty four hours. Unfortunately, little exists to prove the claims of these products, with the exception of handpicked testimonials used to tout the effectiveness of one product over another.

There are, however, risks involved with the use of herbal remedies to treat erctile dysfunction. First, the majority of persons who choose to use herbal remedies are engaged in the act of self-medication. They have not consulted with a licensed physician to determine a proper dosage of the herbal blend, nor have they taken into account the potential adverse side effects that mixing prescription drugs or even over the counter drugs with herbal remedies can trigger.

It must be understood that self-medication is a dangerous practice. While many vitamins, minerals, and herbs are good for the body within limited dosages, too much of a good thing can result in a number of health

complaints, both long term and short term. Even if the herbal combination turns out to be ineffective to treat erctile dysfunction, the cumulative effects of prolonged usage of the product may lead to irreversible problems.

Second, the root cause of the erctile dysfunction may not be wholly or partially physical in nature. While many men suffer from ED that is related to diabetes or general poor health, there are those who experience this phenomenon as a result of stress in the work place or their homes. Often, the cause may contain elements that are both physical and psychological in nature. Herbal supplements by themselves will not aid in identifying these root causes or treating men who fall into this category.

Third, few traditional doctors have the background to competently identify how an herbal supplement will interact with other prescribed medication. While this is changing, and more traditional physicians are at least open to the potential positive effects of utilizing herbal supplements as part of a patient’s treatment, finding one who takes the use of herbs seriously is still quite a task.

If herbal supplements are desirable as an attempted treatment for erctile dysfunction, there are several key steps to take before ever selecting and taking any substance. The first step is to have a complete and thorough examination. This requires more than showing up and allowing the doctor to poke and prod. Be brutally frank with the physician about what is happening, how frequently it occurs, whether there has also been an emotional dampening of the desire for sexual intercourse, and how long this situation has persisted. This can be one of the hardest things for men in our culture to do, as it implies weakness. We condition our men to always be strong. This mindset can be overcome by remembering that many men approach their world in the context of being problem solvers. With that thought in mind, the same principle can be applied to seeking help from an expert to identify, address, and resolve the problem. The conversation with the doctor should be free from embarrassment, and be seen as a positive, strong step in beginning down the road to tackling the issue of ED and resolving it to the satisfaction of all concerned.

Next, follow the advice of the physician. If a referral for a psychological evaluation is recommended, do it. The great thing to remember here is that if the root cause of the ED is an emotional one, this step alone may lead to gradual improvement without the need for any medications, herbal or traditional. Even if the determination is that the cause for the erctile dysfunction is physical, the psychological evaluation has the benefit of crossing one potential cause off the list, which in and of itself is progress toward a solution.

Once the origin of the ED is determined, then the time comes for deciding what course of treatment is most appropriate. Do not hesitate to mention to the doctor the possibilities of herbal treatments and listen closely to the response. If possible, consult with a doctor who has a background with both traditional medicine and homeopathic treatments. There may be the possibility that changes in diet, limiting or eliminating consumption of alcohol and tobacco, and increased exercise will take care of the matter. If that is not the case, the physician can recommend substances that will involve little or no side effects or potential damage to vital organs.

During the treatment period, make sure to keep a record of any changes and share them with the physician at each visit. Do not withhold information. It could be the reactions you have will provide the physician with additional facts that will more finely tune the treatment process. It is important to remember that the doctor is on your team and will work to help you in any way possible.

Above all, do not fall prey to the tons of infomercials and spam emails that make outrageous claims about restoring sexual function. They will do nothing but waste your time, give you false hopes, and drain your bank account.

Herbal supplements can be helpful in the treatment of ED, but they must be used under the watchful eye of a competent, knowledgeable physician. Working with your doctor, you can move toward a solution that is right for your individual situation.

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