Herbal Supplement for Asthma

Herbal Supplement for Asthma

Herbal Supplement for Asthma

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Herbal Supplement for Asthma

By: Ricky Lim
Posted: Sep 04, 2007


Today more and more asthma sufferers are turning to use more natural ways of treating asthma rather than relying on the medications that their doctor prescribes. In the USA most herbal supplement for asthma treatment that are now available today have been both evaluated and then endorsed by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration). Plus you will find plenty of reports available from those who have used them and have found them to be effective in treating their asthma.

In this article I will take a closer look at some of the types of herbal supplements for asthma sufferers. However before you do start to use them it is best that you discuss matters with your doctor or health provider first and do not stop taking any medication that they have prescribed without them allowing you to.

Ma Huang (Ephedra)

This particular herb should only be used when a sufferer is closely supervised by their doctor. Although it acts as a bronchodilator so it helps to open up the airways that have become constricted it can also cause a person’s heart rate to increase and some people may find that they become irritable when they use it.

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Coleus Forshkholii

This herb again acts in the same way as Ma Huang but should not be used by asthma sufferers who suffer from high blood pressure and are having to take medication to treat this condition as well. Plus it should be avoided by those sufferers who are taking anti-coagulant medication for some other disorder.


Although powerful in treating asthma, this herb can be quite toxic and should only be used in very small doses and only when a person is being treated either by their doctor or a herbalist who is experienced and knows everything relating to herbs and their uses. Again this type of herbal supplement for asthma should not be used by sufferers who have high blood pressure or have some type of heart disease.

Reishi Mushroom

This particular herb contains properties which are anti inflammatory as well as help to boost the immune system. Also in Chinese Medicine it has been reported that this particular herbal supplement for asthma treatment is good for strengthen the lungs. You can either take reishi mushroom by preparing them within recipes of meals you are cooking or take it in its concentrated form as a tincture.

However as previously mentioned when using any kind of herbal supplement for asthma it is advisable that you discuss matters with your doctor first.

Ricky Lim – About the Author:

Ricky is the online editor of an asthma homeopathy website. Visit his site today for more information on the various homeopathy treatment for asthma.

Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/health-articles/herbal-supplement-for-asthma-208531.html


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