Herbal Remedies For Women With Strong Medicinal Effects

Herbal Remedies For Women With Strong Medicinal Effects

Being a woman is special. Our society tolerates a wide range of stylistic, emotional, recreational and vocational expressions from women. Compared to men, women’s reproductive processes are more complex and cyclical. From menstruation to pregnancy and then menopause – these reproductive processes are likely to cause unwanted medical conditional such as PMS, mood swings and also fertility issues. However, there are numerous herbal remedies for women which provide an effective way to deal with such issues. Women have learnt how to imbibe herbs to deal with each cycle and change.

It is well known that herb water called Elder (Viburnum opulus) is used to ease menstrual cramps. The main cause of PMS in unclear but may involve imbalances of female hormones, adrenal hormones, brain chemicals, and deficiencies in various nutrients. Vitex, also known as chaste tree berry, helps balance female hormones. It acts on the pituitary gland to promote luteinizing hormone and reduce prolactin. It’s perfect for cyclical changes – acne, spotting, breast tenderness, PMS and irregular cycles.

Another herb known as Chinese Yam, is used to ease muscular cramps. This herb is beneficial in dealing with pain in uterus, ovaries, and abdomen. Earlier, this herb was most commonly used as a primary ingredient in hormone and contraceptive pills.

The herb milk Thistle (Silbyum Marianum) offers several therapeutic benefits to pregnant women. Silymarin, an oxidant present in Thistle acts as a powerful detoxifier that supports liver functions as liver plays an important role for lactating mothers.

For pregnant women, vitamins and minerals are necessary to help fight against sickness and nausea associated with pregnancy. Nutritive herbs include red raspberry leaf; nettles, alfalfa, and dandelion are rich in vitamins and minerals. Some pregnant women can also use appealing aromas of lemon, lavender and spearmint to suppress nausea.

Dong Quai (Angelica Sinensis) is known for its anti-inflammatory and sedative properties. Women can take help of herb’s medicinal constituents to relieve PMS conditions, menstrual irregularities, and even with menopause. If you want a complete holistic treatment then these herbal remedies can prove beneficial for you. It will help you treat several disorders associated with women.

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