Herbal Remedies For Fibroids – How To Shrink Fibroids Naturally

Herbal Remedies For Fibroids – How To Shrink Fibroids Naturally

Herbal remedies for fibroids have been used for many years to try to shrink fibroids naturally. Although when used in isolation, they are unlikely to provide a complete cure, there is no doubting their value as an integral part of many successful alternative treatment strategies.

It is believed that fibroids develop due to a chance combination of a mixture of factors which happen to be present in a womens body. The subtle interaction of these factors are thought to spark off fibroid growth and once started, unless something is done to remove these factors, it is highly likely that the fibroids will continue to grow unchecked. One of the major factors in fibroid growth is an excess of estrogen in a woman’s body. This can have various causes but one of the most common factors is being overweight. Estrogen is both produced by and stored in, fat cells and this therefore explains why overweight women are more likely to suffer from fibroids that those who maintain a healthy weight.

To reduce estrogen naturally, overweight women should attempt to lose weight and follow a healthy diet and exercise regime. In addition, it is known that compounds which mimic estrogen can be stored in the liver for indeterminable lengths of time. The source of these are thought to be certain pesticides and environmental pollutants. To remove these from the liver and therefore to stop them fueling fibroid growth, it is believed that herbal remedies for fibroids can help.

The individual herbs which have been shown to help both remove toxins and shrink fibroids include Milk Thistle, Dandelion Root and Artichoke Extract. Other herbs are very useful for treating specific symptoms. Yarrow, Cinnamon and Nettles, drank as an infusion each day for around 5 days prior to your period can help to reduce heavy bleeding. In addition, Yarrow can also help relieve period pain. If you add Ginger to the infusion, you will boost its pain relieving capacity.

As fibroids are essentially an inflammatory condition, soothing herbs have been shown to help shrink fibroids. These include Yam, Ginger and Willow. They can be taken as herbal tablet preparations or drank as an infusion.

#When using herbs for treating any condition, it is important to understand that “natural” does not necessarily mean “safe”. Indeed many of the most potent and poisonous substances known to man are of plant origin. For this reason it is crucial to seek advice from a person qualified to give it. In the case of using herbal remedies for fibroids, a qualified alternative practitioner would be the best person.

However, finding one can prove difficult!

It was the lack of real help for women with fibroids led Shola Oslo, an alternative practitioner who specializes in teaching women how to use herbal remedies for fibroids amongst other robust treatments, to develop a complete 7 step system which is completely guaranteed to shrink fibroids naturally. Her busy clinic left her unable to take on many additional patients but the demand was clearly there. As a result, she has now helped thousands of women worldwide who she has never met. Please bear in mind though, this requires you to be proactive and take charge of your own healing by making dietary and lifestyle changes and following a systematic program-it is not suitable for women who simply want to take a tablet and be cured.

The author, Bernadette Hopkins, used Shola’s system very successfully-so much so that it made a huge difference to her life as she no longer suffered from the day to day problems which her fibroids had brought. Are you ready to get rid of your fibroids once and for all? To see details of her methods, please visit Shrink Fibroids Naturally. At this site you will get general information about various natural treatments for fibroids. Bernadette also offers further information about alternative fibroid treatment options and this includes methods where herbal remedies for fibroids play an integral part.

Having suffered from very large fibroids herself, Bernadette was scheduled to undergo a hysterectomy when she decided to try an alternative treatment to shrink fibroids naturally. Success followed, and she enjoys recommending this method to other women so they can be free of the symptoms.

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