Hair Loss and Saw Palmetto – Your Miracle Herb to Hair Regrowth

Hair Loss and Saw Palmetto – Your Miracle Herb to Hair Regrowth

Hair loss and Saw Palmetto have struck up a good relationship. Also known as ‘seronoa repens’, this powerful little herb is good for lots of things, not just hair loss. It’s dark red berries have been a medicine of the Indian natives for many decades. Being an anti-androgen, it attacks one of the major causes of hair loss. Scientists haven’t exactly nailed down how it does it, but they know it works.

The berry of the Saw Palmetto plant is loaded with phytonutrients. These work like interrupters of the hormonal process that enlarge the prostate. So for many men today, this is good news. They also take it for erectile problems. The uses for this little plant just go on and on, with a wide range of maladies on it’s list of things that it can help.

Propecia, used to treat Alopecia, works much the same way as the Saw Palmetto berry. Scientists noticed this and decided to give the Saw Palmetto a test or two. The results were good. For hair loss, the Saw Palmetto worked on a condition called ‘androgenetic alopecia’ and so from there it really took off. It seems there’s no end to the benefits that this plant brings with it.

There are plenty of herbal supplements on the market today. But for most of them, they’ve not been put through a clinical trial. Not so for the Saw Palmetto berry. And after the tests were made, the results were more than satisfactory. No significant side effects were attributed, unless take on an empty stomach. Then a headache or a stomach ache can occur. After all, it does work on the hormones. That’s why it’s wise for a woman who’s pregnant or nursing to abstain from it.

DHT, or (dihydrotestosterone), is the hormone that, when it’s overproduced, causes hair loss. It happens in the scalp, and when there’s too much DHT, then it sticks to the follicles and then is able to cut off the nutrient flow from the bloodstream. This in turn makes the hair shrink and get thin and weak. So the Saw Palmetto works to counter-act this hormonal overload.

If you were to check the rankings of the top herbs used medicinally in the United States, today you’d find that the Saw Palmetto berry rates at a solid #5. But being an herb that affects the hormones, anyone who takes any kind of hormonal therapy or treatment should have a sit-down with their family doctor before starting with Saw Palmetto supplements.

Hair loss and Saw Palmetto are matched in just one of the wars that this plant is engaged in. From sex drive to bladder control, this powerful berry can help you with your ailments. It’s extremely popular over in Europe, and widely used here in the U. S. I can see why the pioneers of long ago used to make teas and drinks out of it. No doubt they learned of its’ benefits even way back then.

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