Grandma’s Sinusitis Herbs Work

Grandma’s Sinusitis Herbs Work

Grandma’s Sinusitis Herbs Work

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Home Page > Health > Alternative Medicine > Grandma’s Sinusitis Herbs Work

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Grandma’s Sinusitis Herbs Work

By: Adam Bradley
Posted: Jun 04, 2010


Sinusitis is painful and in some cases of fungal attack, the infection might spread to bone cavities holding the eyeballs and the brain. Sinusitis can be treated through antibiotics, natural sinusitis herb remedies and surgery.

Endoscopic surgery by which a fine tube is inserted into the nasal cavities to find the source of blockage, is very common. Surgically removing nasal polyps, correcting anatomical defects like crooked septum etc. are minor procedures that provide great relief for patients. However, these treatments are expensive and in some cases dangerous because the nasal cavities are very sensitive and delicate and so are the cartilages around. Antibiotics have a lot of side effects and can be taken only when the person is taking no other form of medication. Additionally, the patient must complete a full course of the medication or a repeat of the infection will most likely occur.

Keeping all these things in mind, sinusitis herb remedies often prove to be a better option. They don’t usually have any side effects, are relatively inexpensive and most often prove to be more effective than normal medication. There are many sinusitis herbs that have been use for years and provide great relief. These can be consumed in the form of warm tea, or vapors of their solution extract can be inhaled too. Either way these herbs have medicinal properties that could clear blockages, eliminate bacterial, fungal and viral infection and cause proper mucus discharge without affecting any of the nasal parts or the tract itself.

Goldenseal, biologically known as hydrastis candensis contains two very important alkaloids that perform complimentary functions that can treat sinusitis. Berberine is an alkaloid that can get rid of microbial infection treating the respiratory track and the mucous linings of anyinfection caused by the microorganisms. Hydrastine is another alkaloid that enhances the immunity of the body causing free mucus discharge that will wash away the bacterial infection. Loss of immunity is one of the more important causes of sinusitis as the same bacteria and fungi hanging in the air under normal circumstances become double harmful with a weak immune system.

Echinacea is another well known herb biologically called Echinacea purpurea. It performs two important functions. First it inhibits the secretion of hyaluronidase, an enzyme produced by bacteria that can adversely affect the mucus linings and destroy the defense against the microbes. Secondly, this herb acts as an immune-stimulator, enhancing the immunity system of the body against inflammation and infection. Its chief component is insulin, that encourages production of T-cells and macrophages that help fight infection efficiently.

Both Echinacea and Goldenseal can be consumed in the form of an extract by adding a teaspoon in up to 1 cup of water or preparing tea with the herbal roots. Nettle is another herb biologically known as urtica dioica that is effective against inflammation due to the body’s response to allergens. It attacks mold, pollen and fungus that are the chief causes of allergic activity that leads to inflammation and swelling of mucus lining in the nasal passage. Horseradish, garlic and onion content used liberally in warm water also help enhance the secretion of mucus resulting in easy discharge of the bacteria and other infection causing microbes.

These herbal vapors help clear blockages of the narrow sinus cavities, causing cilia or hair in the mucus lining to function better and prevent mucus stagnation thus discouraging bacterial and fungal growth overall.

As you can see, contemporary medicine has a medicine kit full of antibiotics to remedy sinusitis pain. However the side effects of the drugs one consumes to find relief in many cases themselves create their own symptoms.

Adam Bradley – About the Author:

Adam Bradley is a lifelong sufferer of sinus problems just like you. After years of dealing with hundreds of doctors and medications he decided to research the subject of sinusitis herbs and remedies. Read more here: He lives in Boulder, CO, is now enjoying the outdoors, and encourages anyone who is tired of sinus infections, to try his free, sinus relief Mini-Course, at



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