Four Kinds of Most Important Vitamins for Men

Four Kinds of Most Important Vitamins for Men

Because of different physique conditions, men generally require much more nutrients than women. Following are four kinds of vitamins, which are particularly important for men. First, vitamin A Study has found out that, vitamin A plays an important role in improving human immunity and cancer, and it is very beneficial for the protection of eyesight. The normal daily intake of vitamin A for a man should be 1000 mg, while the content of vitamin A contained in half a bowl of steamed carrots is 4 times than that. Other foods rich in vitamin A are animal liver, dairy products, fish, tomato, apricot and so on. Experts do not recommend additional supplementation of vitamin A. Second, vitamin B6 This kind of essential nutrient has great effect to improve the immunity of human body. Studies have shown that, it can also prevent skin cancer and bladder cancer. Vitamin B6 can protect the kidney from suffering from stone disease. (The incidence of kidney stones in male is twice than that in female.) Men only need to take in 2 mg of vitamin B6 per day, which is equivalent to that contained in two large bananas. Men who take a lot of exercise always consume a large number of vitamin B6, so they should add much more to their body. Foods rich in vitamin B6 include chicken, fish, liver, potato, sunflower seeds, and so on. Experts point out that the daily intake of vitamin B6 should not exceed 50 mg. Third, vitamin C Vitamin C has a lot of health-care effects on male. For example, it can enhance the immunity of human body, prevent the incidence of cancer and cataracts, reduce heart disease and stroke, accelerate the healing of wound, and relive asthma. What’s more, it is conducive to the health of gums and teeth, and also has certain effect on the treatment of infertility. An adequate supply of vitamin C can also delay aging. Cauliflower, melon, green pepper, grapefruit are good sources of vitamin C. Fourth, vitamin E Vitamin E is also known as tocopherols. Research has shown that vitamin E can lower the level of cholesterol, prevent the aggregation of platelets in the arteries, enhance human immunity, remove the impurities in the body, and prevent cataracts. Foods rich in vitamin E include almond, peanut, pecan, and so on. It is difficult to get enough vitamin E only from the diet, so it is better to take some vitamin E pills.

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