Factors of Hair Loss and Their Causes

Factors of Hair Loss and Their Causes

There are many commercial suppliers of hair products will tell you, it’s definitely a natural cure for hair loss, with amazing effects that are noted within 6 to 10 weeks! Before turning to this natural cure implies, it is important to understand the basic reasons for hair loss in the first place. Once the causes are known and understood, to move to find a natural cure is relatively easy. For women as for men, hair loss usually can be attributed to one of three major imbalances that affect the growth cycle, chemical, physical or mental. If these imbalances are corrected below shows the medical evidence that a natural cure for hair loss is very achievable. Apart from imbalance, hair loss can also be caused by a combination of factors going together, usually over a long period of time. Finally, thankfully very rarely, excessive hair loss and baldness may be due to shock or trauma cases is the factor involved such as the death of a close relative, or sudden illness. Fortunately, the shock cases are very rare, and usually manage to be without any treatment in question. So if you are rare cases of trauma, we will examine the main reason for hair loss, which has 3 forms of imbalance. Imbalance simply is when the body cannot cope with certain changes in the way you should do. These changes not only have a negative effect on your hair growth cycle, but also their health and wellbeing too. The scalp, like any other organ, needs to be properly maintained and balanced to work properly, where a natural cure works much more effectively than commercially produced cures, as it serves to resolve and to rebalance. If this imbalance is not corrected, the growth cycle is affected and there are problems, of course, get worse the longer they stay.


The first imbalance is the chemical imbalance, when the body contains too much or not enough of a particular chemical. This could include the case of sebum in the hair, makes hair too oily. Moreover, if there is insufficient sebum secreted by sebaceous glands, hair too dry and brittle.

The imbalance in second place, the physical, is related to hair maintenance techniques and style, and to some extent be attributed as causes “self-inflicted.” Some hairstyles and permanent can be damaging to the hair if done frequently and the use of shampoos and dye-based chemicals can also weaken the hair, like constantly combing the same style and with the separation itself can lead to the area becoming thin and weak.

Mental imbalance is the third factor. It may seem a bit extreme mental imbalance that will make your hair fall out, but there is evidence that stress can adversely affect the health of the entire body, including hair. Just as stress, trauma, too, as mentioned above, are well known to cause hair loss: Add the stress or to an imbalance and double your hair problems!

Knowing the cause of his condition of hair is the key to treating, stop excessive hair loss and regrow all the hair loss. A natural remedy for hair loss is based entirely on finding and correcting the cause and explores ways to address the imbalances in the body. Hair loss is not something we have to take it anymore, no cure if the use of business methods or natural, but a natural remedy for hair loss in women is far preferable to no unwanted side effects that commercially made products are often given.

A natural remedy that involves lifestyle changes simple and effective with regular use of natural products to clean the scalp and stimulate new hair growth. It is now thought that up to 90% of cases of hair loss are entirely for bad habits such as poor diet, lack of exercise and maintenance of hair disaster. Once that is understood and these habits have been addressed, you quickly realize that not only is a natural cure for hair loss is possible; it is possible in 90% of cases!

Now you can see that hair loss is something most people do not really need to accept and a natural cure for hair loss is up to 90% of cases, very achievable. There are certain hair loss products that can be used for the treatment of hair loss such as regaine foam – which have approved by the FDA

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