Effective Herbs for Menopause that You Should know

Effective Herbs for Menopause that You Should know

Menopause cannot be prevented. Every woman has to go through this stage and face the very undesirable symptoms associated with this natural phenomenon. Though it cannot be prevented, but its symptoms can effectively be controlled. There are many effective herbs for menopause that can provide much relief during or after menopause. Some of the commonly used herbs are discussed here to encourage and persuade the readers to adopt the natural ways of treatment. Such effective herbs for menopause not only work well, but they are also safe to use provided you follow the instructions carefully. This articles deals with the general view of the effective herbs for menopause.

Black Cohosh: With the properties of a good estrogen, it works well on uterus to reduce congestion and cramps. Black Cohosh is also used to relieve symptoms of hot flashes. It is also helpful to reduce blood pressure, cholesterol level, and to relieve muscular cramping and pain.

Chaste Tree: It works well to balance hormone levels and to control the symptoms of depression at menopause.

Damiana: Used as antidepressant and pituitary regulator. Taken in moderate doses, it works well as aphrodisiac and found effective in some other sexual complaints.

Dandelion: Good for liver; since hormonal imbalance affects the liver, this root helps the liver tolerate the extra stress.

Dong Quai: Being high in natural plant estrogens, it helps in reducing symptoms caused by lowering levels of estrogen.

Ginkgo Biloba: It works very well in relieving many symptoms associated with menopause. It improves circulation, brain function, and oxygen supply to the whole body. It is very much helpful if you are experiencing memory loss, depression, and fatigue.

Ginseng: It is used to strengthen the adrenal glands, to increase energy, to normalize blood pressure, and to enhance immune function. Unless you are suffering from very high blood pressure, Ginseng can be used to get relief from many complaints including physical and mental fatigue.

Licorice: It is an estrogenic herb and works as a powerful adrenal stimulant, highly useful during menopause. In case you are suffering from high blood pressure, use it carefully.

Raspberry: It is used as an astringent and nutritive estrogenic herb, and it helps the weak uterine muscles, relaxes intestinal spasms and uterine.

Sage: It is widely used during menopause for hot flashes treatment. It helps in reducing night sweats.

Many other effective herbs for menopause are being used to get help at menopause. Most of them come with little or no side effects when taken as advised.

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