Different Ways in Which Hypothyroidism Can be Treated

Different Ways in Which Hypothyroidism Can be Treated

Hypothyroidism is a disorder of a serious nature. The condition occurs when the thyroid gland starts producing thyroxin in insufficient quantities. There are varied reasons behind this peculiar behavior of the thyroid gland but the exact causes have not as yet been detected. The disorder can be categorized in two forms. The first is the condition that is usually caused due to certain allergies and environmental factors. The other kind is called Hashimoto’s thyroiditis. In this condition, the patient’s antibodies start attacking the thyroid gland instead of protecting it. Continuous attacks destroy the thyroid tissues, and reduce the level of thyroxin in the body. Though the two forms are almost of the same nature, Hashimoto’s thyroiditis is a hereditary disorder.

There are many methods that can be used for proper treatment of this disorder. All these treatments aim at restoring the normal level of thyroxin in the body. The most common treatment for hypothyroidism is the intake of synthetic hormones through pills or injections. These hormones help in stimulating the thyroid gland by repairing its tissues, and thus restore the normal level of thyroxin. The synthetic hormones that are utilized for the treatment are Thyrolar, Cytomel and Levothyroxine.

There is another method of improving thyroxin level in the body. This method involves the surgical implantation of armour thyroid. This kind of thyroid is actually acquired from pig glands. This is one of the best methods that have been able to cure the disorder completely.

Apart from these methods, hypothyroidism can also be treated through homeopathy, nutritional therapy and herbal therapy. Homeopathy has been able to offer success treatment for the disorder. In fact, the treatment is absolutely painless as compared to the allopathic and surgical processes mentioned above. There are specific medicines that are supposed to be administered till the time all the symptoms of the disorder do not disappear. The medicines that are used for the treatment are Calcare phos, Lapis alb, Thyroidinum, Lycopus, Calcarea carb, Iodium, Spongia and Calcarea iod. The medicines are given according to symptoms of hypothyroidism found in a patient.

The nutritional therapy helps a patient in avoiding artificial supplements and strong medicines. In this treatment, a patient is supposed to take precautions regarding their daily diet. Usually, they are advised to avoid eating food in raw form. This means that they are not supposed to eat, peanuts, mustard, cassava roots, peaches, cabbage and soybeans. Raw food can interfere with the proper production of thyroxin. They should include sea food like fish and prawns that contain high level of iodine. They should also consume some mineral and multi-vitamin supplements which will strengthen the thyroid gland and increase the thyroxin level.

The herbal therapy option involves the use of certain herbs. Each herb is specifically used for the treatment of certain symptom of hypothyroidism and thereby increases the level of thyroxin. Some of these herbs that are used by specialists are Mullein leaves, Irish Moss, St. John’s Wort, Lobelia, Cayenne, Kelp, Bladder Wrack and Coleus. Along with these techniques, a patient should also practice meditation, which is considered to benefit people in such cases.

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