Diet Supplements – Pills Versus Herbs

diet herbs
by Ken Lund

Diet supplement is a billion-dollar business and they are great if taken what is needed. Many often treat them as a cure all and this is where the problem starts. More pills are popped in without knowing how the body will react to it. As a result some suffers from diarrhoea or constipation. In fact many foods offer a variety of vitamins that we need everyday to sustain life. They are natural and safe and from Mother Nature but we prefer the quick fix the supplements that offer A-Z vitamins.

Ying and Yang must be balanced in our diet. Supplements often isolate only one compound and it is the Ying aspect. Pills tend to be heaty and we need to take in lots of water. It is a best practice to stop taking supplement if it does not work on you otherwise the liver is going to work extra hard to process it.

One supplement, Chlorella, a blue green algae taken as a capsule does a great job of providing nutrients and cleaning out impurities in our body such as heavy metals and other toxins. It is highly recommended. But remember supplements are only meant to supplement our daily diet and not to replace intake of food. If one is having a surgery it is advisable to avoid taking supplements.

Herbs or medicine traditionally used in Asia to treat the sick has been around for many thousand years. Many royal and noble families had been cured by these methods in the old days. In modern days some still think only pills or western drugs can heal. Ironically, the western doctors are now learning more about herbs in their training or apprenticeship. Now you have new Medical courses incorporating Chinese medicine in some Prestigious Universities. I strongly believe a breakthrough will come to pass in the areas of Nutrition and Diet.

Herbs as the Chinese practised are to treat the symptoms by understanding how our bodies behaved metabolically. In other words our body system has to be balanced.
This means a certain deficiency in vitamins or nutrient will result in fever for example. The objective is to kill the root of the problem without affecting other internal organs of the body.

Herbs when properly prescribed are safe and effective. To raise the standard and the safety of TCM specialists, the Sinseh or Chinese doctors have to be registered and certified in China, Hong Kong and Singapore.

The goal of the Chinese Herbal Medicine is to find the right prescription to treat our body in balance. You can say it customises to keep our Ying and Yang in check.
Lately there are concerns over the drug scandals in China but make sure that the herbs are free from lead, mercury and other undesirable chemicals. Check with the relevant Food Authority before the purchase.

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