Diabetes: Information you Need to Know

Diabetes: Information you Need to Know

Diabetes has become one of the biggest cash cows of the Medical industry; reaping in a staggering 10 million plus dollars a day. It is no wonder that there are so many ads on television with famous actors and musicians telling you that you can get your diabetes supplies delivered free to your home. But what those ads are not telling you is that there is a proven diabetes cure for over 95% of type 2 diabetes and 65% for type 1 diabetes. They do not want you to know that, and in fact, the pharmaceutical industry is at this very moment trying to get one of the ingredients of this known cure off the shelves and behind the counter.

Diabetes affects over 18 million people, another 15 million may not yet be diagnosed, and that is in the United States alone! Currently diabetes is the 3rd leading cause of death in America. The cause of diabetes is that the body does not produce, or properly use, the insulin necessary for the body to absorb glucose (sugar). This glucose then accumulates in the bloodstream until levels get dangerously high. This condition then leads to diabetes symptoms such as: lack of energy, unusual weight gain, restless sleep, blurred vision, and tingling sensations in the affected individual.

The reason so many individuals may have diabetes symptoms and are not diagnosed, is because one symptom of diabetes is a feeling of nausea. This is most likely because we all seem to be working harder and longer than ever before in an attempt to avoid falling behind in our daily routine. Therefore, feelings of fatigue and tiredness are usually associated with the price of living in the 21st century. Another symptom of diabetes is the need to urinate more frequently and usually goes unnoticed. The fact is, however, that all of these can point to the onset of diabetes.


If you, or some one you hold dear, has been diagnosed with diabetes then you have probably noticed that recently in magazines, books, on TV and the internet, there has been much talk about a possible natural cure for diabetes. The fact is, a Canadian University has been researching, for more than 20 years, a combination of herbs that have consistently been shown to provide lasting relief from diabetes, type one and type 2. This same combination has been heralded as a “Final Cure for Diabetes” by the Asian Diabetic Association. This natural diabetes cure has also been proven by several independent clinical studies to regulate blood sugar, and consequently in most cases, eliminate the need for costly and painful testing and injections.

This combination of vitamins and herbs for diabetes treatment, work three ways in the body to affect a diabetes cure. First they reduce blood sugar levels by blocking glucose absorption in the intestine and thus prevent adrenal hormones from stimulating the liver to produce glucose. Second, they eliminate insulin resistance by repairing cell receptors to better recognize insulin. Cells are then much more effective at metabolizing glucose which further normalizes blood sugar levels. Thirdly, they normalize insulin production, this stimulates increased production of an organic compound that is naturally produced by the body. For those who suffer from “type 2 diabetes”, this organic compound is converted to insulin, normalizing and relieving stress on the pancreas, which allows it to heal. For those suffering from “type 1 diabetes,” the aforementioned conversion is not possible due to destroyed beta cells. But nevertheless, this organic compound remains in the body and functions like insulin as a natural replacement.

The vitamin and herb treatment for diabetes that has shown the best results in clinical tests consist of: Zinc, Chromium, Biotin, Banaba, Bitter Melon, Cinnamon, Gymnema Sylvestre, and Huckleberry. Each of these ingredients offer there own healing abilities, but in combination, they have been proven to work miracles in healing the body of the imbalances created when someone has reached a diagnosis of diabetes. In addition, several of these vitamins and herbs have been shown to correct other illnesses in the body such as hypertension or high blood pressure.

In conclusion, it must be remembered that simply ingesting a random amount of these vitamins and herbs for diabetes treatment won’t necessarily provide the optimum healing qualities that are required to affect a diabetes cure. Visit GreatNewsHealth.com to learn more about a safe and natural combination of vitamins and herbs for diabetes treatment. Take your health into your own hands; you will not regret it.

There is a diabetes treatment that was created by doctors, and does not involve pricking and sticking. This diabetes cure has healeded millions of their diabetes symptoms. Visit http://GreatNewsHealth.com/ to learn more today.

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