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Natural Weight Loss Slimming Herbs

weight loss herbs
by Chris Devers

Intake of slimming herbs is the best natural treatment for reducing body weight. It can be described as the safest and the effective technique for those who wish to reduce their body weight. At present, there are several herbal remedies available in market in the form of teas, powders and as liquid extracts. Active ingredients present in slimming herb helps in reducing flab and increasing your energy. Apart from reducing body weight, intake of slimming herbs also helps in increasing memory, moods and mental well being of person. While consuming best natural weight loss slimming herbs, there is no diet restriction. It is a safe way to achieve fat loss from waist, abdomen, buttocks and necks. Attaining satisfactory results with zero side effects is one of the main advantages of using natural weight loss slimming herbs. It helps in producing quick results without retarding the elasticity of skin surface.

Following are some among the natural weight loss slimming herbs recommended by health practitioners.

Guarana is one among the widely suggested natural slimming herbs for weight loss. This stimulant for weight loss increases mental alert, fights fatigue and improves the physical stamina of person. Guarana is equipped with high level of caffeine concentration. As per studies, it is said to possess three times the amount of caffeine as coffee. Today, guarana is an active ingredient used in weight loss pill. Some among the compounds present in guarana like tannins, xanthine alkaloids theophylline and theobromine improves the over all wellbeing of person. It is also advised to use guarana supplements with the advice of doctors. Also, it should not be taken with any products containing ephedra. Greater decrease in hip circumferences and lowering of serum triglyceride levels are other advantages of using guarana herb.

Ginger root, a common ingredient in herbal medicine is a natural weight loss slimming herb prescribed by physicians. According to studies, it is found that intake of ginger root can reduce the amount of triglyceride level and decrease LDL cholesterol level. It is a good health tonic for improving the heart function. It prevents indigestion and prevents the formation of abdominal cramping. Lowering of LDL cholesterol, alleviating high blood pressure and boosting the immunity of person are other health benefits of consuming ginger root.

Dandelion root is an effective herbal remedy used for weight loss or slimming. It has been used for centuries for the preparation of ayurvedic medicines. Diuretic property enriched in dandelion root helps in reducing water weight of person. This weight loss aid also helps in regulating blood sugar level and improving fat metabolism of body. Other advantages of using dandelion roots include preventing bladder infection, curing anemia, preventing constipation and curing indigestion.

White willow bark, enriched with salicin is a natural weight loss slimming herb. White willow bark, when combined with other herbal supplements helps in increasing the thermogenic activity of body. It is an effective herbal cure for improving fat metabolism. Other common uses of consuming white willow bark include relieving pain, reducing arthritis inflammation, improving fat metabolism and maintaining hormonal balance. Slim-N-Trim is the latest revolution in the field of herbal slimming products. It is the outcome of intense research and clinical studies and offers excellent results in losing stubborn body fat.

Read about effective Herbal Slimming Pills. Also know how Herbal Fat Loss Pills help you lose stubborn fat. Read about Herbal Treatment for Acne.

Jeramey Thompson

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Posted by Herbs For Me - December 4, 2011 at 4:00 pm

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New Holiday Traditions Start Now Cook Up and Slim Down with Stonyfield Organic Yogurt

Londonderry, NH (PRWEB) December 02, 2011

Holidays are filled with warm breads, sweet desserts, and savory vegetables simmered with herbs and butter and this year, lighter dishes made with yogurt! While the holiday season brings meals shared over laughter and memories, it can also bring a few extra calories to the dinner table. Seasoned and rookie chefs alike can lighten up traditional seasonal dishes by incorporating Stonyfield organic yogurt into their holiday classics.

Recent studies show a connection between yogurt and weight loss

Not only does substituting yogurt for higher fat ingredients reduce calories and enhance the texture of any dish, recent studies show that eating yogurt is linked to weight loss. After tracking the diets of over 120,000 study participants, researchers at Harvard have found that of all foods, yogurt was most strongly linked to weight loss:

Families who want to eat better can start a new holiday tradition this year, says Stonyfield nutritionist Mary Kennedy, Lightening up calorie-laden holiday classics by cooking with yogurt is a great way to keep the flavor and texture of the foods you love while losing some of the calories..With the surplus of recent and credible research touting the benefits of yogurt and health, theres not a bigger piece of advice Ill be giving people this holiday season.

New Stonyfield 100 Calorie Yogurt great for snacking and healthier pumpkin scones

Earlier this fall, Stonyfield introduced a new way of reducing calories. New 100-Calorie 0% Fat Smooth and Creamy Organic Yogurt is made with organic stevia, a zero-calorie sweetener that comes from the leaves of the stevia plant. Stonyfield combines organic stevia with a touch of organic cane sugar to create a great tasting organic 100-calorie, totally natural yogurt. With the addition of stevia, this tasty yogurt now has 30% less sugar than the original recipe.

For the holiday season, try using this tasty new yogurt for a tasty and healthierpumpkin scone – perfect for upcoming autumn months and scrumptious holiday dessert. Click here for the recipe: ( For more information about Stonyfields 100 calorie yogurt, go to:

Food that comes with peace of mind

Stonyfields yogurts are made with certified organic milk and other organic ingredients produced without the use of toxic persistent pesticides, chemical fertilizers, antibiotics or synthetic growth hormones. Theyre also made without artificial flavors, colors or sweeteners. For a holiday season that is all about peace yogurt eaters everywhere can have peace of mind when indulging in their favorite, pure organic yogurt.

About Stonyfield

Stonyfield, celebrating its 28th year, is the world’s leading organic yogurt company. Its all natural and certified organic yogurt, smoothies, milk, cultured soy, frozen yogurt and ice cream are distributed nationally. The company advocates that healthy food can only come from a healthy planet. Its use of organic ingredients helps keep over 200,000 farm acres free of toxic, persistent pesticides and chemical fertilizers known to contaminate soil, drinking water and food. To help reduce climate change, Stonyfield offsets all of the C02 emissions generated from its facility energy use. The company also started a nonprofit called Climate Counts ( which shows people how they can help fight climate change by the way they shop and invest. Stonyfield also donates 10% of its profits to efforts that help protect and restore the Earth. For more information about Stonyfield and its organic dairy products, please visit:

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Posted by Herbs For Me - December 2, 2011 at 2:00 pm

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Use Effective Herbs for Diabetes Natural Treatment

Diabetes mellitus or simply diabetes is a metabolic disorder. It is one of the most common non-infectious disease and frequent cause of the death in developed countries. Diabetes happens because a patient has a very high blood sugar. Usually there are two types of diabetes. First one occurs when the pancreas does not produce enough insulin and the second one begins when cells do not respond to the produced insulin.

Heredity is a very important factor for the first type of diabetes. Virus infections, like measles or stress also may impel this disease. The second type of diabetes mostly fatigues people who are overweight or obese and not enough physically active.

Increased hunger and thirst, frequent urination, etc are the most usual signs of diabetes. These symptoms may develop in a few weeks or months (1st type) or opposite- very slowly (2nd type).

Other typical signs of this disease are weight loss, tiredness, general weakness, muscle spasms, also nausea and vomiting, stomach ache, itchy skin and others. When the first type of diabetes occurs, patient needs to be taken to the hospital as soon as possible otherwise he may lose consciousness (diabetic coma) and even die. Second type of this disease develops slowly; it is mostly diagnosed when complications of diabetes occur, such as fungous diseases and lesions of blood vessels.

Useful herbs: Since the ancient times herbs were widely used for diabetes treatment and were proven to be very effective. You can also try them, let’s take a look.

1. Indian Kino: It is also known as malabar kino, which is commonly used in India as a remedy from diabetes. It regenerates pancreatic cells, so it is very effective for patients who are sick with the second type of this disease.

2. Bitter Melon: Try to drink juice of this tropical vegetable; it is very beneficial and well known for its blood sugar lowering properties. Though be careful and do not use it in very big amounts.

3. Cinnamon: It has valuable insulin-like properties and also decreases glucose in the blood. Cinnamon also has the ability to block free radicals, and it is very useful.

4. Onion: Use onion in food, it has blood sugar lowering properties so it is highly recommended for people who are sick with diabetes.

5. Fenugreek: This plant is cultivated worldwide and helps to control weight so it is obviously useful. Fenugreek lowers blood sugar levels and cholesterol in the blood.

6. Blueberry Leaves: It has been used for a long time. A single dose can help a lot – patient may feel better for the whole week! Blueberry leaves lower blood sugar levels as well.

If you are at the risk to get ill with diabetes, you can help yourself and lower it. The main thing is that you need to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Exercise at least once in a week; it effectively reduces the risk. Also, lose weight if you are overweight or obese, which is very important. Be sure your diet is low in calories, eat more fruit and vegetables. Better give up smoking and drink alcohol wisely.

Read more Home Remedies for Diabetes. Also know effective Home Remedies for Depression. Read useful Home Remedies for Anxiety.

Dr Andrew Napier

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Posted by Herbs For Me - November 30, 2011 at 12:00 pm

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Chinese Herbs; what can I take for energy?

Question by Renee C: Chinese Herbs; what can I take for energy?
I am 34 yr old female and I noticed my
energy is not what it was in my twenties

And on top of it all my vitals are really low
(blood pressure, etc) so I am a natrually
“calm” person.

Can you please recommend a Chinese herb
for energy that won’t keep me up at nite?

Thank you

Best answer:

Answer by Human Being Human
Hopefully this may help You

I was the second person in the UK to purchase a copy of this almost eleven years ago It is level one you would need and that is all you would ever need Please check it out Google qigong usa and see how many medics have changed to this Largely down to this one Guy There isn’t the space here to fully explain It’s one of these seeing is believing
It doesn’t take long to master two to three weeks It not only heals It prevents illness too It brings out the real You and maintains it If you use this wait until You try and explain to others
Hope this helps and You always know Your good health

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Holy Smoke: Loose Herbs & Hot Embers for Intense Group Smudges & Smoke Prayers

Holy Smoke: Loose Herbs and Hot Embers for Intense Group Smudges and Smoke Prayers is for is for anyone seeking to purify or offer prayers by burning herbs, especially in groups. Use special blends of loose herbs tossed on hot barbeque charcoal or bonfire embers to go well beyond a sage smudge stick, with billows of aromatic smoke created for whole-body Mayan-style immersion smudges. Recipes in the book use herbs, woods, resins and roots to create over 30 smudge and smoke prayer blends perfect f

List Price: $ 12.00 Price: $ 9.39

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Posted by Herbs For Me - November 28, 2011 at 10:00 am

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What are the best remedies for getting rid of kidney stones?

herbs for dieting
by shannonpatrick17

Question by healthsolutions: What are the best remedies for getting rid of kidney stones?
Looking for natural (quality) remedies that actually work. Diet, herbs etc….

Best answer:

Answer by catapy_girl
Drinking plenty of water should flush them out of your body.

Give your answer to this question below!

The New Complete Book of Herbs, Spices, and Condiments

The New Complete Book of Herbs, Spices, and Condiments offers a unique way of looking at seasonings. It presents them as individual health products, each complete with the same types of nutritional, chemical, and medical benefits and side effects found in any vitamin supplement, prescription drug, or over-the-counter product. Presented in A-to-Z format, each entry includes:
Basic information about the plant
How it is used as flavoring
How it affects your body
Benefits an

List Price: $ 19.95 Price:

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Posted by Herbs For Me - November 26, 2011 at 7:59 am

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Are There Any Natural Treatments For Diabetes?

Question by Autumn Leaves: Are There Any Natural Treatments For Diabetes?
Vitamins, minerals, herbs? Diet and exercise are working but I’m trying to avoid going on pills or insulin. Thanks for any help.

Best answer:

Answer by
If you are a type 2 diabetic, there is hope. Click on link below to watch a short online clip about six people who reversed their diabetes and were able to get off insulin. There is no magic pill to cure diabetes. Chromium picolinate has shown promise in recent studies to help us have healthier blood sugars though. It can help your mood too.

What do you think? Answer below!

Herbs and Fruit for Dieting (Everybody's home herbal)

Price: $ 3.99

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Posted by Herbs For Me - November 22, 2011 at 4:00 am

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Weight loss herbs during breastfeeding?

weight loss herbs
by Barry Gourmet and Raw

Question by Kitten S: Weight loss herbs during breastfeeding?
Hello every body

does anybody knows is it bad for me or for the baby to take weight loss herbs during breastfeeding????

does it affect the milk?


Best answer:

Answer by Lady Aqua Moon
Do not take supplements during breastfeeding.

Just lower your calorie intake. That’s what I did and I have lost 10 pounds so far. I was eating around 1800 calories but I have since cut down to 1500.

You need to still eat good fats like olive oil for your milk supply.

Know better? Leave your own answer in the comments!

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Posted by Herbs For Me - November 20, 2011 at 2:01 am

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Kids Wont Eat Vegetables? Mrs. Obama Says Let Them Eat Steakand Arugula: Five Expert Tips to Adjust your Child’s Palate

BOULDER, CO (PRWEB) November 16, 2011

My favorite is arugula and steak, said Mrs. Obama, during a round table discussion at MaO Organic Farms in Waiane, Hawaii on Saturday. But we find the same thing is true with young kids, and if they get their palates adjusted to those very interesting flavors, they stay connected. (source)

Thats exactly what happens, agreed child eating expert Nancy Tringali Piho, author of the book My Two-Year-Old Eats Octopus: Raising Children Who Love to Eat Everything (Bull Publishing Company, ISBN: 978-1-933503-17-2, $ 16.95.)

When children eat beyond a steady diet of kiddie foods, their taste buds grow to appreciate a broader variety of flavors. So foods that are bitter or sour, or those made with a combination of flavors or a more complex texture, actually taste better than the standard fat-salt-sweet that is the flavor profile of everyday childrens foods,” says Piho.

Piho offers 5 tips to adjust childrens palates:


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Posted by Herbs For Me - November 17, 2011 at 11:59 pm

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Diet Supplements – Pills Versus Herbs

diet herbs
by Ken Lund

Diet supplement is a billion-dollar business and they are great if taken what is needed. Many often treat them as a cure all and this is where the problem starts. More pills are popped in without knowing how the body will react to it. As a result some suffers from diarrhoea or constipation. In fact many foods offer a variety of vitamins that we need everyday to sustain life. They are natural and safe and from Mother Nature but we prefer the quick fix the supplements that offer A-Z vitamins.

Ying and Yang must be balanced in our diet. Supplements often isolate only one compound and it is the Ying aspect. Pills tend to be heaty and we need to take in lots of water. It is a best practice to stop taking supplement if it does not work on you otherwise the liver is going to work extra hard to process it.

One supplement, Chlorella, a blue green algae taken as a capsule does a great job of providing nutrients and cleaning out impurities in our body such as heavy metals and other toxins. It is highly recommended. But remember supplements are only meant to supplement our daily diet and not to replace intake of food. If one is having a surgery it is advisable to avoid taking supplements.

Herbs or medicine traditionally used in Asia to treat the sick has been around for many thousand years. Many royal and noble families had been cured by these methods in the old days. In modern days some still think only pills or western drugs can heal. Ironically, the western doctors are now learning more about herbs in their training or apprenticeship. Now you have new Medical courses incorporating Chinese medicine in some Prestigious Universities. I strongly believe a breakthrough will come to pass in the areas of Nutrition and Diet.

Herbs as the Chinese practised are to treat the symptoms by understanding how our bodies behaved metabolically. In other words our body system has to be balanced.
This means a certain deficiency in vitamins or nutrient will result in fever for example. The objective is to kill the root of the problem without affecting other internal organs of the body.

Herbs when properly prescribed are safe and effective. To raise the standard and the safety of TCM specialists, the Sinseh or Chinese doctors have to be registered and certified in China, Hong Kong and Singapore.

The goal of the Chinese Herbal Medicine is to find the right prescription to treat our body in balance. You can say it customises to keep our Ying and Yang in check.
Lately there are concerns over the drug scandals in China but make sure that the herbs are free from lead, mercury and other undesirable chemicals. Check with the relevant Food Authority before the purchase.

For more information on Dieting and Weight Loss pls visit,

EngSay is a keen enthusiast in Health and Fitness. Having seen many friends falling sick despite physically-abled has driven me to start a website and a blog to create awareness on weight loss, diabetes. slimming, skincare and general health problems.
Related link

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Posted by Herbs For Me - November 15, 2011 at 9:59 pm

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A New Spin on Comfort Foods Pleases Aging Palates

Palo Alto, CA (PRWEB) November 10, 2011

To meet the culinary challenge of appealing to senior taste buds with healthy versions of familiar foods, Home Care Assistance, North Americas leading provider of non-medical, in-home senior care, and Sur La Table, are hosting innovative cooking classes for caregivers. A new class kicks off today at Sur La Table in Palo Alto, CA.

Home Care Assistance initiated the classes as part of its commitment to improving the lives of seniors through its Balanced Care Method (BCM), an approach to caregiving based on the positive health practices of the legendary centenarians of Okinawa, Japan. Proper nutrition is a key component of BCM which emphasizes five main elements: healthy diet, physical activity, mental alertness and social ties, as well as maintaining calmness and purpose.

We invest in training our caregivers because we want our clients to enjoy longer, happier, healthier and more balanced lives, said Kathy Johnson, PhD, CMC, Founder and CEO of Home Care Assistance. Through these new cooking classes, which are unique in our industry, were teaching our caregivers to prepare foods that bring back childhood memories while also emphasizing wholesome, seasonal ingredients.

We encourage the caregivers to come up with their own food ideas, said Gale Tan, resident chef at Sur La Table who oversees the culinary program and manages chef instruction. And we also recommend that they listen carefully to their clients and find out about their dietary preferences and restrictions.

The monthly classes, taking place at Sur La Table in the Palo Alto Town and Country shopping center, will cover a full range of diet-related issues faced by seniors. To boost the nutritional value of these comfort foods, Home Care Assistance caregivers serving clients in the South Bay and Peninsula are learning how to enhance food flavors with herbs and spices, instead of relying on unhealthy options like butter and salt.

They will also gain experience with techniques such as steaming, stir-frying and cooking in parchment to stimulate the taste buds, and improve the appetites and diets of aging adults who often turn to processed foods or dinners heated in the microwave for their daily meals.

The Sur La Table cooking class was really helpful, said Home Care Assistance caregiver Genise Pelaiz. The recipes they put together were easy, fun and delicious. More importantly, we learned that we didnt have to rely on frozen prepared foods. We could easily provide tasty, nutritious meals for our clients, since they dont tend to keep a lot of ingredients on hand. For one client, I cooked roasted vegetables and potatoes with a little seasoning in a toaster oven and, while it sounds simple, she was very pleased.

Caregivers in the Sur La Table cooking class will get to try out healthier recipes for old favorites such as tuna casserole and chicken noodle soup. And they will learn the latest information on incorporating super foods into daily diets; for instance adding sources of omega-3 fatty acids like flax seed to salad dressings, or topping pancakes with antioxidant-rich blueberries.

We want all of our caregivers to be familiar and comfortable cooking basic healthy fare, Dr. Johnson added. We want them to know they can go into a clients kitchen and whip up a decent meal. And our caregivers get a kick out of learning that cooking is an art, its not just about following a recipe.


Home Care Assistance, headquartered in Palo Alto, CA, is North Americas leading provider of in-home senior care, specializes in around the clock live-in care. All Home Care Assistance caregivers are trained in the companys proprietary Balanced Care Method which emphasizes healthy nutrition, mental stimulation and other components of senior wellness. For more information about Home Care Assistance, visit, or call 650-462-9501.


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Posted by Herbs For Me - November 13, 2011 at 8:00 pm

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