can a diet of spices or herbs reduce a big belly?

by ayngelina

Question by light17: can a diet of spices or herbs reduce a big belly?
Is there any diet of herbs or spices that can reduce the stubborn fat on my stmach that refuses to reduce even after dieting and excecise?
my problem is, I’m quite slime already and can only afford to lose from five to seven pounds. I’ve always had a big belly despite being underweight somtimes. so I really need help.

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Answer by Reality Man
Here’s the simple (but difficult) way. Avoid fatty foods (read the labels, anything with “total fat calories” of over 30% don’t eat. No butter, no cheese, no mayonnaise, no gravy.

Stop eating sugar — including ALL soft drinks. Reduce your salt intake drastically. And as if this isn’t a big enough DUHH! Stop drinking beer.

Do some sit-ups minimum, but really you should work out 3x a week.

Watch the pounds come off.

Good luck with it.

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