Best Herbs for Acne

Best Herbs for Acne

There are several very potent natural herbs that aid in maintaining clear, healthy skin.  Most of them work to purify the inside of the body, reducing the amount of toxins and acne-causing bacteria in the bloodstream.  One of the leading causes of acne is an overworked and sluggish liver, causing an excess of bad bacteria in the body.  When there is too much of this unhealthy bacteria in the blood, acne forms beneath the skin and surfaces as those annoying pimples and break-outs.

Here is a list of the best herbs for acne:

1.  Dandelion — A strong antioxidant and antiviral agent, dandelion has long been used to treat liver problems, kidney disease, and several variations of skin disorders, including acne.  It works to purify the blood, aiding in liver function and flushes out bad bacteria before it gets the chance to surface as acne.  Dandelion is also a great source of vitamin A, B, C, and D, zinc, potassium, and iron.

2.  Burdock root — One of the best known herbs to purify the blood, burdock is also popular for treating liver, kidney, digestive, and skin disorders.  

3.  Yellowdock root — Removes toxins from the blood, aids in waste removal, and decreases the workload on the liver, kidneys, and gall bladder.

4.  Red clover – Aids in the immune system and relieves congestion of the liver; also contains isoflavones which help to regulate and balance hormone production.  Hormone imbalance is another huge cause of acne, and Red Clover and Licorice root greatly assist the body in sorting out major imbalances.

5. Licorice root — Cures a wide array of liver disorders, great antiviral agent boosting the immune system, and contains phytoestrogens to aid in keeping a healthy hormone balance.

These herbs can generally be found in a supplemental blend, available at health food stores.  Take them between 1-3 times daily for at least 30 days.  Results are not instant, but you will see improvements within 30 days!  Fighting acne from the inside is a long-term solution because these herbs will fight the source of the problem, not just the symptoms.

However, the BEST way to fight acne is both from the inside AND the outside.  The ClearPores acne-fighting system comes with an herbal supplement and acne clearing cleanser and repairing lotion for topical treatment.  This is the most effective system for treating acne from the inside AND the outside, you can try it here.


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