Best Herbal Remedies For Arthritis

Best Herbal Remedies For Arthritis

If you have tried traditional medications for this condition you might now be looking for some herbal remedies for arthritis. And this article will look at some of the best treatments that are out there. Arthritis is a painful disease and can also be debilitating to the individual. Sometimes, something to ease the pain is all that is needed to make life a lot better.

The two common forms of arthritis are osteoarthrits and rheumatoid arthritis. This problem presents itself as a degenerative disorder when the cartilage between the joints wears away. The body attempts to repair itself but is not usually successful in doing this and just causes you more pain.

Let us now look at the herbs that can help this condition. Firstly ginger is an excellent one to try. Studies have shown that it is beneficial in the relief of the condition and has anti-inflammatory properties. It should be taken as a small drink, in pill form or as a cup of tea, it can also be taken fresh. There are no reported side effects and it can be taken in high doses. A meal that contains ginger will give you a dose of the herb that will help.

Cayenne or red pepper is another good healer. It has been shown to help poor circulation. You can purchase Capsicum creams. Or you could make a tincture. If it is taken internally it regulates the blood flow, and will strengthen the arteries and capillaries. Cayenne contains capsaicin which is use in pain relief. When this happens the body releases endorphins, the body’s own painkiller. Cayenne is hot though, and some people are sensitive to it, so always test it to see if you will be okay using it. If not look to one of the other natural remedies there are.

Both garlic and ginkgo biloba are shown to assist with circulation and blood flow. This is important if you do have this condition. Circulation is very important as it will assist in bringing oxygen to the affected areas and remove any harmful deposits that have built up.
Bromelain, a proteclytic which is found in pineapples will help with the inflammation. Kiwi, paw paw and figs are also helpful.

Some foods and herbs high in calcium that the body needs to fight this problem are – alfalfa, liquorice, camomile, chives, dandelion, nettle, plaitain, watercress, cabbage, thyme and basil. Devils claw is also recommended and should be taken as a tincture. It should however, be avoided during pregnancy. And it is well worth checking out when it is safe to use the other treatments suggested in this article.

There are plenty of teas on the market. So if you are not happy with making up something yourself you could try these as they are readily available. So hopefully with these herbal remedies for arthritis you can find yourself on the way to a more comfortable and less painful life. Which will allow you to get on with your life and enjoy the things you can now do a lot more.

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